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Research Papers Publised


1.            Arjumand, S. , Arif, Z. , Ali, A. and Ali, R. (1995) “Nature of DNA fragments photocrosslinked to psoralen binds to anti-B and anti-Z – DNA antibodies.” Immunol. Lett. Vol.48, 215-219.

2.            Arif, Z. , Arjumand, S. , Ali, A. and Ali, R. (1994) “Autoantibodies – like antigen binding characteristics of induced antibodies against polysine – polygutamate complex.” Autoimmunity Vol.19, 7-14.

3.            Arjumand, S. and Ali, A. (1994) “Cross- reaction of human lupus autoantibodies with 8-methoxypsoralen photomodified DNA fragments” Microbiol. Immunol. Vol.38(3), 239-243.

4.           Arjumand, S. , Moinuddin and Ali, A. (1997) “Binding Characterstics of SLE anti DNA autoantibodies to modified DNA analogues.” Biochem.Mol.Biol.Int.Vol.43(3), 643-653.

5.            Moinuddin, Arjumand, S. and Ali, A. (1997) “SLE autoantibodies binding to native calf thymus DNA brominated in high salt” Lupus




Papers Presented At Scientific Meetings


Gulati, R. , Haleem, S. and Arjumand, S. (1994) Presented paper entitled

“Levels of autoantibodies in cerebrospinal fluid in apparently healthy population” at the Second Annual Meeting of Asian Pacific Society for Neurochemistry held at Hyderabad, India from 14-16 September.




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