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ClS 414 Examination Model


I-                 Please Mention Different Functions of the Following:-

1-   Fc-portion of antibody classes

2-   T helper cells

3-   Lysozymes

4-   MHC-antigens

5-   Immune complex


II-               Please Enumerate the Following:-

1-   Populations and sub-populations of lymphocytes

2-   Causes of Autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases

3-   Different types of hypersensitivity

4-   Types and Mechanisms of Tissue rejection

5-   Different classes of cytokines


III-          Please Discuss the Mechanisms of the Following:-

1-   Atopic reactions

2-   Humoral immune response

3-   IFN action

4-   Cytotoxicity

5-   Immune reactions against Toxoplasma gondi


IV-          Please Circle the Correct Statements:-

1-   Anti-idiotypic antibodies mimic the antigen

2-   IgM is the predominant antibodies in secondary immune response

3-   MHC-II antigens are found on all immune cells

4-    PHA mitogene can stimulate B-cells and T-cells

5-   IgE is one of the cytophilic antibody and can activate complement

6-   Mast cell are involved in delayed hypersensitivity reaction

7-   ADCC carried out by Cytotoxic T cells

8-   Stem cell is the origin of all blood cells

9-   Bronchial asthma is not mediated by antibodies

10-                      Isografts can induce strong immune reaction



V-              Please Circle the Most Correct Answer:-

1-   Tumor cells may be killed by:

a-   Abs and complement

b-   Activated Complement

c-    Activated T-cells

d-   All of the above

e-    None of the above

2-   Failure of thymus and parathyroid's to develop is called:-

a-   Reticular dysgenesis

b-   Combined immunodeficiency

c-    Secondary immunodeficiency

d-   Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome

e-    Di-George anomaly

3-   One reason why vaccines fail to work in very young infants is the presence of:-

a-   Glycoprotein

b-   Adjuvant

c-    Maternal antibodies

d-   Endotoxins

e-    Serum

4-   Very high doses of antigen induce:-

a-   Negative selection

b-   Clonal selection

c-    Immune paralysis

d-   T-suppression

e-    Receptor blockade

5-   Bacterial cell walls cause activation of which system

a-   The tyrosine kinase pathway

b-   The alternative complement pathway

c-    The kinase pathway

d-   The terminal complement pathway

e-    The classical complement pathway




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