My major aim and activity is to teach other physicians and neonatologist in Ryadh and other areas about conducting proper neonatal follow-up clinics aiming at early detection and hence early intervention for any neurorodevelopmental problems in high-risk neonates.

I had the following activities:

1) Monthly visits to King Saud Medical Comlex in Ryadh to teach 2 neonatology consultants about neonatal follow-up pragram 1n 2007-2008

2) Had been invited twice to give lectures at Prince Sultan Handicap center in Ryadh in 2007 and 2008

3) Invited twice to give lectures about developmental evaluation of high risk infants and autistic children at symposia held at King Faisal Specialist hospital in Ryadh organized by Saudi Handicap Association in 2006 and 2007

4) I did one work shop in Jeddah in 2006 about developmental evaluation of high-risk neonates and gave lecture in Arabic in 2007 at the fourth arab handicap meeting in jeddah in titeled(برنامج متابعة المواليد , أين نحن منه)

5) Training of neonatology fellows of KKUH and other hospitals rotating at KKUH about neonatal follow-up clinics by attending my clinics and seeing real cases