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King Saud University
College of Applied Medical Sciences
Rehabilitation Sciences Department

Course Syllabus
1st Semester 1428/ 1429 H

Course Title : Clinical Studies III

Course Number : RHS 431

Credit Hours : 2 + 1 = 3

Course Instructor: Prof. Alaa Abdel Salam

Course Description:

This course will review in general the normal structure and physiology of cardiovascular system as bases for the understanding of common signs and symptoms of different cardiovascular disorders. Emphasis will be on the assessment of cardiac cases requiring either medical and/or surgical interventions. Consideration will also be given to the physical therapy rehabilitation procedures for such cases. This will be followed by demonstration of principles underlying the physical therapy roles in the management of common cardiac conditions including surgical procedures in different cases.
The course will also cover common vascular disorders (arterial, venous and lymphatic) with appropriate physical therapy management procedures.
The student will practice with physical therapy modalities in the laboratory and will gain clinical experience by interaction with patients at the hospitals.

Objectives :
On completion of the course, the student should be able to:
1- Relate the knowledge of normal anatomy and physiology of cardiovascular system to the various diseased cardiovascular patterns.
2- Demonstrate basic knowledge of common cardiovascular disorders and the associated medical terms.
3- Develop skills in evaluating patients with medical or surgical cardiovascular conditions by means of conventional methods as well as instrumentation or equipment.
4- Demonstrate the ability to plan and carry out specific physical therapy program suitable for each case based on the deductions from evaluation.
5- Perform suitable physical tests and design appropriate exercise regimes for different cases of vascular disorders.
Course Outline:
Week 1 Review of basic anatomy of the heart.
Structure and function of cardiac muscles.
Blood pumping function of the heart in relation to its chambers and valves.
Blood supply to the heart.
Surface anatomy of the heart.

Week 2 Physiological principles of heart’s function.
Conductive system of the heart.
Nerve supply.
Normal cardiac cycle.
Effects of exercises on cardiovascular system.

Week 3 Assessment of cardiac patients.
Signs and symptoms of heart diseases.
History taking.
Clinical examination.
Heart sounds.
Clinical Applications.
Week 4 Coronary heart disease.
Pathological changes.
Risk factors (complications).
Manifestations of different cases of angina.
Myocardial Infarction.
Clinical Applications.
Week 5 Common cardiac surgery.
Open and closed surgery.
Coronary artery bypass.
Cardiac transplantation.
Clinical Applications.
Week 6 In-course Examination (1) Theoretical.
In-course Examination (1) Clinical.
Weeks 7 Cardiac Rehabilitation Program.
General consideration.
Basic evaluation principles.
Phase I (in-patient program)
Phase II (out-patient program)
Phase III
Clinical Applications.
Week 8 Basic technique in stress testing.
Clinical Applications.
Week 9 Rheumatic heart diseases.
Definition, causes clinical picture.
Physical therapy role in acute and chronic cases.
Clinical Applications.
Week 10 Valvular heart disease.
Mitral, Aortic and pulmonary valvular disorders.
Causes and manifestations.
Physical therapy role.
Clinical Applications.
Week 11 Heart failure.
Right and left side failure.
Congestive heart failures.
Causes and manifestations.
Physical therapy role.
Clinical Applications.
Week 12 In-course Examination (2) Theoretical.
In-course Examination (2) Clinical
Week 13 Conduction tissue disorders.
Atrial and ventricular disorders.
Causes and manifestations.
Physical therapy role.
Clinical Applications.
Week 14 Peripheral vascular disorders.
Acute and chronic arterial, venous and lymphatic disorders.
Physical therapy role.
Clinical Applications.
Week 15 Seminars in Cardiac Rehabilitation
Week 16 Final Examination.

Teaching Methods:

Classroom lectures
Clinical training at the hospital


In-course clinical and theoretical examinations 40%
Final examination: clinical 20%
Final examination: theoretical 40%
Total 100%


1- Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation: Basic Theory and Application. By: F. J. Brannon, M. W. Foley, J. A. Starr, and M. G. Black. Latest edition.
2- Cash’s Textbook of Chest, Heart, and Vascular Disorders for Physiotherapists. Edited by P. A. Downie. Latest edition.
3- Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy. 2nd edition by Irwin.
4- Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation.. 2nd edition by F. J. Brannon.
5- Tidy’s Physiotherapy. By: A. Thomson, A. Skinner, and J. Percy. Latest edition.

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