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Effect of Dietary α-tocopherol and Corn Oil on the Performance and on the Lipoproteins, Lipids, Cholesterol and α-tocopherol Concentrations of the Plasma and Eggs of Laying Hens


T.M. Shafey, J.G. Dingle,l K. Kostner2


Department of Animal Production, College of Agriculture, King Saud University, P.O. Box 2460, Riyadh 11451, Saudi Arabia




Shafey, T.M., Dingle, J.G. and Kostner, K. 1999. Effect of dietary α-tocopherol and corn oil on the performance and on the lipoproteins, lipids, cholesterol and α-tocopherol concentrations of the plasma and eggs of laying hens. J. Appl. Anim. Res., 16: 185-194.


The effects of adding α-tocopherol (0, 30rng/kg) and cornz oil (0, 25g/kg) on the performance and on yolk cholesterol, fatty acid and α-tocopherol and plasma. lipids, lipoproteins and α-tocopherol concentrations of laying hens were studied for 12 weeks. Dietary supplement did not significantly affect the performance of laying hens, daily cholesterol output, yolk linolenic acid and cholesterol concentrations, concentration of lipids or lipoproteins in plasma of birds. Hens fed on a diet supplemented with a-tocopherol had higher plasma and egg yolk concentrations of α-tocopherol and percentage of plasma α-tocophterol in the very low density lipoprotein.  Hens fed a diet supplemented with corn oil produced eggs with a high concentration of stearic, linoleic and arachidonic acids. Neither the composition of the plasma lipoproteins nor the cholesterol concentration of eggs was  affected by dietary supplements.


Key words : Hens, α-tocopherol, corn oil, yolk fatty acids, plasma lipids, yolk α-tocopherol, plasma lipoproteins.



1  Department of Animal Production, University of Queensland, Gatton College, Lawes, Queensland, 434a. Australia.

2  Department of Medical Biochemistry, Harrachgasse, University of Graaz 8010, Austria.

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