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أسئلة شائعة

Books and Review Articles:

1)   Shafey, T.M. (1989).  The effects of high calcium diets in broiler chickens.  University of Queensland, St. Lucia, Queensland, Australia.

 2)  Shafey, T.M., and McDonald, M.W. (1990).  Choline content of livestock feedstuffs. Technical note, University of Queensland, Gatton College, Queensland, Australia.

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 4)  Shafey, T.M. (1992).  Calcium tolerance of growing chickens.  A review: Effects of dietary calcium:available phosphorus ratio.  World's Poultry Science Journal49: 5-18 (Abstract).

 5)  Shafey, T. M.  (2001).  The role of lipoproteins in lipid metabolism of chickens, a review.   Journal of King Saud University, 13 : 91-113 (Abstract).

 6)  Shafey, T.M., Al-Sobayel, A.A., and Al-Mohsen, T.H.  (2004).  The effect of light during incubation of chicken and turkey eggs on embryonic growth, hatchability traits and post-hatch performance of chickens.  Journal of King Saud University,  16: 153-174 (Abstract).  

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