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King Saud University,   College of Science, Department of Physics  (Girls Section)

Final Exam, 2nd Semester1428-29H,

Saturday:  17/1/1429H (26/1/2008G),   Time: 8.00 am -11.00 am (3 hours),    Max. Marks: 20        

Phys 474

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Answer all the 15 questions. Circle the choice (MCQs)/ Fill the gaps/ Write Drawing or derivations or definitions on the other side of the pages. Use separate sheets for rough work.



Relative density of packing in BCC lattice is:



a)highly random

b) highly periodic

c)partly random and partly periodic     

d) None



A substance with FCC lattice has density

6250 kg/m3 and molecular weight 60.2.

The lattice constant is:

( N= 6.602x 1026  )


a) 2 Å

b) 2.75 Å

c) 4 Å 

d) 8 Å


Given the lattice parameters

a = b = 10.73 Å, c=15.2 Å; α = β = 90, γ = 120.

The unit cell belongs to the system:



a) Triclinic

b) Hexagonal

c) Orthorhombic

d) monoclinic



Draw a (002) plane in cubic lattice.





The Bragg angle corresponding to a reflection for which ( h2 + k2 + l2 ) = 8 is found to be 14.35. X-rays of wavelength 0.71 Å are used. If there are two other reflections with smaller Bragg angles, the lattice constant and the crystal structure are:


-----------------            ----------------




For a beryllium specimen, if the intensity of  transmitted beam is 70% that of initial beam, the thickness is:

(Assume that µ = 3.56x106 m-1)



a) 0.2 µm

b) 0.7 µm

c) 0.1 µm

d) 3.5 µm







The energy associated with the beam used in electron microscopy compared with optical microscopy is:


a) higher

b) lower

c) equal

d) depends on the color of the beam.




Show the ratio of separation between lattice planes in

SCC lattice  is :      d1: d2 : d3 = 1 : 1/√2 : 1/√3

[Consider the planes: (100), (101) and (111)]



Define the relative reduction in area of a material.



What is low carbon steel?



If a 10 mm ball with a load of 1000 kg produces an indentation of 2.44 mm, the Brinell hardness number is: 


a) 312.9 kg/mm2

b) 210.6 kg/mm2

c) 244 kg/mm2

d) 100 kg/mm2.


If the shear modulus for iron is 0.74 x1011 N/m2  and the Burgers vector is measured to be 3.4x 10-10 m, the self energy per unit length of edge  dislocation is:



a) 5.4x 10-9 J/m

b) 6.41x10-9 J/m

c) 9.3x 10-10 J/m

d) 12.82x10-9 J/m


The equilibrium concentration of vacancies in Nickel at 900 K is:

( The formation energy for Ni = 168 kJ mole-1,

R= 8.314)



a) 1.45x10-12

b) 5.59x10-30

c) 1.12x10-4

d) 1.78x10-10


Stress- Strain curves are obtained through:


a) hardness tests

b) tensile tests

c) scratch tests

d) rebound tests


Density of a crystal remains same in the production



of -------------------- defects while the density of



crystal decreases in the production of -----------------





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