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Dr. Raida Al-Kassas

Associate Professor
pharmaceutics, industrial pharmacy and nanotechnology  
College of Pharmacy

Office No. 3
P.O.Box 17221 
Riyadh 11484 
King Saudi Arabia


Dr Raida Al-Kassas is an associate professor in the School of Pharmacy of King Saud university, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  Dr Al-Kassas obtained her PhD degree in 1994, in pharmaceutics and drug delivery systems from the school of pharmacy of the Queen’s university of Belfast on the design of multiparticulate delivery systems. Dr. Al-Kassas has over 13 years teaching experience in many areas of pharmacy including pharmaceutical technology, drug delivery systems and industrial pharmacy. She taught both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Dr. Al-Kassas has also extensive research experience focused on the pharmaceutical bio-nanotechnology which involves the use nanoparticles for incorporation of bioactive macromolecules such as DNA, antigens and proteins to be used for immunization and the treatment of cancer. 

Dr. Al-Kassas has gained too a wealth of research experience in nanotechnology including manufacturing, characterization and evaluation of nanoparticles. She has published many papers and articles and received substantial funds from public and industrial organizations. 


·        Non-viral gene delivery using microspheres and nanoparticles.

·        Incorporation of bioactive macromolecules such as proteins and DNA into nanoparticles

·        Vaccine technology.

·        Targeted drug delivery to selective sites including tumors, lungs, ocular tissues and periodontal pockets.


  • Ph.D Doctor of Philosophy by research, The Queen's University, Belfast, School of Pharmacy, Northern Ireland, U.K.(1991-1994).

  • M.Sc Pharmacy (all the relevant courses were completed and passed with honors) King Saud University, School of Pharmacy, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


  • B.Sc. Pharmacy, King Saud University, School of Pharmacy, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (1983-1989).


  • Associate professor at King Saud University (2004-present).
  • Assistant professor at King Saud University  (1995-2004).
  • Ph.D Research student and demonstrator at Queen's University of Belfast (1991-1994) .


Teaching : Taught the following course:

  • PHT 251, Pharmaceutical calculations.
  • PHT 261, Solid dosage forms.
  • PHT 451, Dispensing of medications.
  • PHT 463, GMP and quality control of pharmaceutical dosage forms.
  • PHT 525, Quality control and quality assurance (MSc course).
  • PHT 524, Manufacturing of semisolids and aerosols (MSc course).
  • PHT 522, Pre-formulation studies and tablet technology (MSc course).  

Supervision : Have supervised and trained MSc research students. 


1.                  Al-Kassas, R.S., Gilligan, C. A., and Li wan Po, A., Processing factors affecting particle size and in vitro release of sustained-release ibuprofen microspheres, Int. J. Pharm., (1993) 94 59-67.

2.                  Su, X. Y., Al-Kassas, R. S., and Li Wan Po, A., Statistical modelling of ibuprofen release from spherical lipophilic matrices, European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, (1994) 40 (2) 73 – 76.

3.                  Al-Kassas, R.S., Gilligan, C. A., Li Wan Po, Formulation factors affecting drug release from cetostearyl alcohol pellets, Quatercentenary seminar, Trinity College, Dublin, School of Pharmacy.

4.                  Al-Gohary, O. M., Al-Kassas, R. Stability studies of aspirin-magaldrate double layer tablets. Pharmaceutica Acta Helvetiae, (2000) 74, 351-360.

5.                  Al-Kassas, R. Controlled-release theophylline suppositories containing

bioadhesive microspheres. Bulletin of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo university, (2000).

6.                  Safwat, S. and Al-kassas, R. Evaluation of gentamicin-Eudragit microspheres as ophthalmic delivery systems in inflamed rabbit's eyes. STP Pharma Sciences, (2002) 12 No. 6, 357-361.  

7.                  Al-Kassas, R. and Rezk, N. Enterotoxigenic E. coli colonization factor antigen (CFA/II)-loaded polyisobutylcyanoacrylate nanoparticles for oral immunization.STP Pharma Sciences, (2003) 13 No. 2, 93-98.

8.                  Al-Kassas, R. Interaction study between mebeverine hydrochloride, isoniazid and some polymers used for preparation of multiparticulate delivery systems using differential scanning calorimetry. STP Pharma Sciences, (2003) 13 No. 5, 359 - 366.

9.                  Al-Kassas, R. Design and in vitro evaluation of gentamicin-Eudragit microspheres intended for intra-ocular administration. Journal of Microencapsulation, (2004) 21 No. 1, 71 - 81.

10.              Al-Kassas, R. and McCarron, P.  Isoniazid Loaded PLGA nanoparticles as  potential pulmonary drug delivery systems against tuberculosis. (In press). 

11.              Al-Kassas, R., Al-Gohary, O., M. Al-Faadhel, Controlling of systemic absorption of gliclazide through incorporation into alginate beads. Int. J. pharmaceutics.

12.              Al-Faadhel, Al-Kassas, R., Al-Gohary, O.  Processing parameters affecting the release of gliclazide from tabletted microspheres. (MSc thesis) I was the main supervisor for the student.

13.              Al-Kassas,R.,  Elkhateeb,M., Sustained release ciprofloxacin ophthalmic gel. (submitted for publication). 


  1. Al-Kassas R., Al-Johary O., Al-Fadhel M. Characterization of factors affecting the release of gliclazide from alginate beads. A poster presented at The 9th international pharmaceutical sciences conference. King Saud university. 2005.

  1. Al-Kassas R., Rezk N. Enterotoxigenic E. coli colonization factor antigen (CFA/II)-loaded polyisobutylcyanoacrylate nanoparticles for oral immunization. Abstract presented at Rational design of vaccine and immune therapeutics. Keystone symposia, Keystone, Colorado, USA. 2004.


  • Member of drug education committee.
  • Member, Academic affairs committee.
  • Member, Scientific research committee.


1.                  Member of the American Society of Hospital Pharmacists.

2.        Member of The Saudi Pharmaceutical Society

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