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Sample Exam.Questions




Choose one best answer


1. Which of the following anatomical planes cuts the body into equal halves?

  1. Median plane
  2. Sagittal planes
  3. Frontal planes
  4. Transverse plane
  5. Coronal plane


2. The midshaft fracture of the humerus may result in damage to the:

a.       Axillary nerve

b.      Radial nerve

c.       Brachial artery

d.      Median nerve

e.       Ulner nerve


3. In the face, all of the following nerves are branches of the ophthalmic nerve, EXCEPT:

a.       Supraorbital

b.      Supratrochlear

c.       Lacrimal

d.      Zygomaticotemporal

e.       External nasal




1. a

2. b

3. d





Choose one best answer


1. When an oocyte gets fertilized, the corpus luteum remains functioning till the end of about:

a.       2 weeks

b.      3 weeks

c.       One month

d.      3 months

e.       4 months


2. The follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) is secreted by the:

a.       Ovary

b.      Pituitary gland

c.       Uterine endometrium

d.      Corpus luteum

e.       Hypothalamus



3. Which of the following is not a derivative of the ectodrm?

a.       Retina

b.      Nails

c.       Enamel of teeth

d.      Spinal cord

e.       Blood vessels



1. e

2. b

3. e

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