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   SDS 432

Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics II

 The Following is The Course Outline During The Academic Year 2005/2006

Credit Hours:         2-Credit Hours

                             Three- Hour Clinical Session Weekly for Two


Pre-requisite:         SDS 431

Sequence:              Fifth Year

   The clinic of this course is merged with that of the comprehensive Dental Course.

Course Description:

   SDS 432 is a clinical course that has one clinical session (3 hours) per week during the academic year.

Course Objectives:

    The student should be able to: 

1.     select cases, perform a proper diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan. 

2. bring together the concepts of fixed and removable prosthodontic for the purpose of providing an integrated prosthodontic patient care. 

Course Protocols:

1.      The student is responsible for all the clinical procedures. 

2.      All procedures must be understood and performed accurately.

3.      The student should start the case under supervision of one of the clinical instructors and should be completed under supervision of the same instructor. Exceptional cases to this rule are to be arranged only by the course director. 

4.  Zero (0) mark is given to the student who shows improper management of the case, repeated ignorance to instructions, repeated irreversible damage, improper behavior with patients and/or clinical instructors. 

5.  Zero (0) mark is given to the student who does not finish the clinical work during the allotted clinical time.  

6.   No grade is given for incomplete cases. 

7.  Proper management of the allotted clinical time, knowledge, quality of performance of clinical procedures and proper behavior are considered in evaluation. 

8.  Discussion and questions about the on-going clinical procedure can be conducted at any time by any clinical instructor during the regular clinical session. This is considered as part of the daily clinical evaluation of the student. 

9. The student should undergo a clinical supervision of all clinical instructors on different clinical cases.  

10. Any clinical procedure that is performed by the student should be recorded in the patient's file. The student should also write clearly his/her name, university number and signature. This should be followed by the signature of the clinical instructor supervising the student.  

11. Attendance of students in the clinic is mandatory. Student absence at any clinical session is absolutely not acceptable. Being fifteen minutes late to the clinical session is considered as absent. This will affect the student's evaluation. However, absence due to sickness may be accepted provided a medical report is submitted to the course coordinator. When 25% of the clinical sessions is missed, the student will be deprived from taking the final exam according to university rules and regulations 

12.  Professionalism is expected from students at all times. Coordination with the Booking Area to bock patients is the responsibility of the students. 

13. The maximum number of students allowed to undergo a competency test at a clinical session is 8. Pre-registration of students for the test should be done in coordination with the course director one week before conducting it. 

14. The student should have 20 completed units. The number of units for the different fixed prosthetic restorations is as follows: 

Single Crown/Retainer                                                    1 unit

Pontic                                                                            1 unit

Cast Post & Core                                                           1 unit

Restoration Build-up with Pins/Prefabricated Posts          1 unit

Non-rigid Connector                                                       1 unit

Resin-Bonded FPD *                                                     2 units

(* Only one resin-bonded FPD is counted)

 Grade Distribution:

- 4 Competency Tests on:                                                        

          * Single Tooth preparation & Provisional Restoration     10 %

          * Tooth Preparation for a 3-unit FPD                             10 %

          * A 3-unit Provisional Restoration                                  10 %

* A final Impression for a 3-unit FPD                            10 %

- Daily Clinical Evaluation **                                                  10 %

- Weight & Clinical Evaluation **                                            30 % 

- Final Oral Exam **                                                               20 %

** The grade is taken from the CDC.


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