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An overview of experimental designs used to conduct research in speech, language and hearing. Emphasis on research proposal preparation /investigation in communication disorders.

OBJECTIVES: To introduce students to the methodologies and procedures used in conducting and evaluating research in communication disorders.

Course outlines:

Week 1 Science and the scientific approach, science and common sense. Methods of knowing.

Week 2 Research as a process of asking and answering questions.

Week 3 Need for research in speech pathology and audiology. Research and the clinician.

Week 4 Asking and answering questions that are both relevant and answerable for research.

Week 5 Problems and hypotheses- stating problems and hypotheses in speech and hearing research.

Week 6 Constructs, variables and definitions. Types of variables and examples.

Week 7 Mid Term Exam and review.

Week 8 Designs of research, characteristics, purpose and principles. Reliability and Validity.

Week 9 Selecting the appropriate design for answering specific questions.

Week 10 Types of designs. General designs of research. Individual and group designs , design criteria.

Week 11 Types of data, approaches to generating qualitative and quantitative data.

Week 12 Organizing the data for answering questions. Steps in research.

Week 13 Communicating questions and answers. Clinical research considerations.

Week 14 Worked examples and exercises.

Week 15 Overview of the theory and practicum. Discussion.


 Each student shall work and prepare a formal research proposal on any topic of his/her interest in speech and hearing. It must be indicative of an independent investigation I speech or audiology supported by review of literature. The proposal or the investigation shall be presented by each student and discussed during the latter half of the semester for evaluation.


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