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Objectives: To familiarize students with a range of childhood hearing deficits and the high risk register for hearing impairment. To assist students in developing a comprehensive hearing conservation program for the school system. To enable students to administer and critically analyze audiometric test data specific to children and school age population. To develop modified management strategies to help the hearing impaired child cope with diversified hearing deficits and manage associated problems related to hearing impairment.

Course contents:

The method of detection, measurement and management of deafness in infants and young children along with their associated problems. Modified approaches to childhood hearing assessment and interpretation of audiometric data.

1. Auditory mechanism : Basic embryology of the ear, development of the ear and physiology of hearing

2. Development of Auditory behavior: Prenatal and neonatal hearing, auditory behavior as prelinguistic activity.

3. Hearing loss in children: Early identification of hearing loss in children, nature and effects of hearing loss in children and its management.

4. Medical aspects of hearing loss: Disorders associated with hearing loss, Hereditary deafness, congenital malformations.

5. Behavioral Hearing Tests for children: Case history for children, BOA with infant from birth to 2 years of age.

VRA with the child aged 6ms to 2 years.

Mid Term I exam

6. Operant reinforcement audiometry with the child 6ms to 2 years.

Tangible and visual reinforcement operant conditioning audiometry.

7. Clinical testing of the child 2-5 years, conditioned play audiometry.

8. Speech discrimination testing in young children.

9.Mid term II exam

10. Testing children 5 – 16 years, children with unilateral deafness.

11.Nonorganic hearing loss in children, testing difficult to test population.

12. Immittance audiometry and other objective procedures for children.

13. Hearing screening in children. Neonatal hearing screening , techniques of infant hearing screening. Immittance screening.

14.School screening programs.

Aural amplification and rehabilitation of hearing impaired children.

Final exam

Reference books:

1. Hearing in children by Jerry L. Northern and Marion P. Downs, Williams and Wilkins, Baltimore. Fourth edition,1991.
2. Pediatric Audiology by Fredrick N. Martin, Prentice Hall , INC. Englewood Cliffs , New Jersey.


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