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Course no: RHS 248 Level: IV Credit 2=1=3

Course name: Phonetics

Instructor; Dr.K.C.Ravishankar

Course contents(Weekly)

1. Phonetics; science, scope, branches, relationship to speech & hearing

2. Articulatory phonetics; The air stream mechanism, organs of speech

3. Place of articulation, manner of articulation, voicing, nasality & other features.

4. The consonants; classification and description of consonant sounds.

5. Coarticulation. English and Arabic consonants.

6. Mid term I exam

7. The vowels, articulation of vowels, cardinal vowels.

8. Classification and description of vowels. Vowel length

9. Diphthongs or vowel glides.

10. Phonology. Transcription of consonants, Transcription of vowels.

11. Syllable and consonant clusters

12. Accent, segment length, accent & rhythm.

13. Intonation and meaning, Pitch & Intonation, Tonic syllable, assimilation.

14. Midterm exam II

15. Phonetic transcription practice

16. Revision.


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