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Curriculum Vitae

Name: Kudanahalli Chandrappa Ravishankar
Position: Associate Professor
II. Contact Information:
Address: Dr.Kudanahalli C.Ravishnakar
Associate Professor (Audiology), RHS Dept.
College of Applied Medical Sciences, KSU
P.O.Box 10219, Riyadh 11433
Telephone: 4354400 Ext: 611 (Work)
4119357(Home) cell:0507173926

III. Professional Qualifications:
Degree Institution
1.Ph.D(Speech&Hearing) AIISH,University of Mysore 1987

2.M.Sc(Speech&Hearing) AIISH,University of Mysore 1979-81 (First Class)

3.B.Sc(Speech&Hearing) AIISH,University of Mysore 1976-79 (First Class)
4.P.G.Diploma in EDP & Bhavans College,BVT,Bombay 1985
5.Rehabilitation, Advanced Victoria University of
Training in Audiology Manchester,UK

IV. Specialty: Audiology and Speech Pathology

V. Employment history:

1. Current: Associate Professor(audiology) in the Speech & Hearing program at Rehab Sciences Department at the College of Applied Medical Sciences, King Saud University , Riyadh, K.S.A. since 21 January, 1995 till date.
Currently: Coordinator of the Speech & Hearing Program.

2. Post doctoral work experience from August 1989 to February 1990 at SUNY, Buffalo, U.S.A. as a fulbright scholar.

3. Worked as Reader and Head , Department of Audiology at the Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for the Hearing Handicapped, Bombay from April 1987 till January, 1995. The activities included teaching , research and clinical duties.

4. Worked as Lecturer and Head, Department of Audiology at AYJNIHH, Bombay from 4 July 1983 to March 1987. Instrumental in starting the National Institute equipping and developing the department of Audiology and initiating diploma, graduate and postgraduate programs including short term programs and seminars in the field.

5. Research scholar at All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysore from 25 august 1981 to 2nd july, 1983 as a fellow of the Indian council of medical research.

VI. Academic ,Scientific and other committees:
1. Member board of studies in special education and member selection committee for Lecturers and Readers, Sri Padmavathi Mahila Visvavidyalayam, Womens university, Tirupati, 1993-94.

2. Member Academic committee of the National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped , Secunderabad, 1993-94.

3. Coinvestigator and coordinator for the research project on Methods of early Identification of Hearing impairment in Children under the aegis of UNICEF from 1985 to 1988.

4. Member Board of examiners for the diploma courses in Sp&Hg and Education at AYJNIHH, Bombay.

5. Member Board of examiners at AIISH, University of Mysore, 1990-91, 1991-92.

6. External examiner for the theory and practical examinations in Speech and Hearing and Special Education for universities of Bombay, Mysore, Post Graduate Institute of Medical education and Reasearch(Chandigarh), Calcutta, Osmania and Padmavathi Universities.

7. Honorary General secretary of the Indian Speech and Hearing Association 1991 –1994.

8. Full member of the Audiological Society of Australia 1986-1990.

9. Member Fulbright Alumni of scholars, USEFI Bombay.

10. Member Association of British Council of Scholars,1993.

VII. Masters dissertation: Title: "VOT in different age ranges" in 1981:
Summary: The study includes the results of an independent investigation in Speech and Hearing sciences. The data established the ranges of Voice onset time for stop sounds in Kannada language.

Independent project in audiology entitled "Attenuation characteristics of crash helmets" in 1981.

VIII. Ph.D Title: “An examination of the relationship between speech intelligibility of the hearing impaired and receptive and productive variables.”

Summary : The study on 30 hearing impaired subjects was one of the early research endeavors in India. It provided data on the speech proficiency in the hearing impaired and its relationship to several perceptual and productive variables.

1. “VOT in different age ranges” an abstract of the Master’s dissertation to appear in the Journal of AIISH, Mysore.
2. “Consonant duration in different vowels environments” paper presented during XIV Annual conference of ISHA.
3. “Acoustic features glottal stops and pharyngeal fricatives produced by Cleft palate speakers” Paper presented during XIV Annual conference of ISHA.
4. “Visual recognition of sounds in kannada”. Paper presented during the XIV Annual conference of ISHA, appeared in the Hearing Aid Journal, Vol. 3(4), 1983
5. “The control of fundamental frequency” appeared in the Journal of Indian Speech and Hearing Association, Vol V-VI, 1988-89. 14-16.
6. “Speech intelligibility of the Hearing impaired: preliminary results”, appeared in the Hearing Aid Journal, Vol.5, No.33, 1987.
7. “Speech perception in the Hearing impaired”, invited paper (guest lecture) for the symposium on the “The hearing impaired child” during the XVI annual conference of ISHA.
8. “Devices for the hearing impaired, needs of today and tomorrow” appeared in NPET program on special education. NCERT 1986.
9. “How to select an individual hearing aid” appeared in SABDA, Kartik ’94,October 1987, Bandel (West Bengal).
10. “Electroacoustic performance of Hearing Aids”appeared in the Journal of Indian speech and hearing association, Vol V-VI, 1988-89, 26-33.
11. “Functional gain with moderate and strong class hearing aids” appeared in the Hearing Aid Journal, Vol.6 No.2, 1989,31-40.
12. “Effect of gender and recording variables on auditory brain stem responses “ to appear in the Journal of All India Institute of speech and hearing, Mysore.
13. “Aural amplification among the hearing impaired students” paper presented in the International Congress on the Education of the deaf, Rochester, New York, July 1990.
14. “ABR instrumentation Recording and interpretation” Paper presented at the First Iranian Congress on Audiology held at Tehran, October 11th 1992.
15. “Corroborative findings of ABR,. Impedance audiometry and behavioral tests”. Paper presented at Tehran Medical Sciences University, Tehran, October 11th 1992.
16. “Audiological findings in young students of South Sikkim”appeared in the Hearing aid journal, Vol 8 No.1, July – Dec 1992, 27-30.
17. “Effects of earmoulds on hearing aid performance” appeared in the Hearing Aid Journal, Vol.8 No.2 Jan – June 1993, 49-59.
18. “Attenuation characteristics of Indian Ear Protective devices” appeared in the Hearing aid Journal, Vol.8 No.2, Jan –June 1993, 60-65.
19. “Real Ear Attenuation for different audiometric earphones” appeared in the Hearing aid Journal, Vol.9 No.1 1994 , 7-12.

20. “Auditory discrimination in Hearing Impaired Students” appeared in the Hearing Aid Journal, Vol.8 No.4, 1994, 134-138.

Worked as a post doctoral fellow at the state University of New York at Buffalo, U.S.A. during the period August 1989 to February 1990. Faculty associate was Prof. Jack Katz. Also worked at North East communication center, St.Mary’s school for the Deaf, Buffalo. Certificate of work experience and appreciation from Professors and authorities of St.Mary’s school. Visited University of California at Santa Barbara and other universities in United States of America.

Visit to Iran:
Attended the first Iranian Congress on Audiology held at Tehran Medical Sciences University from 10th to 15th October 1992 as a guest lecturer on invitation. Conducted workshops on BSERA, presented a paper and chaired scientific programs. Other guest lecturers invited included Dr. Osterhammel, Denmark and Dr. Kiessling from Germany.

Training visit to U.K:
Had advanced training in Audiology at Victoria University of Manchester from January to May 1993. Worked on cochlear implant program with Cochlear (Nucleus), Ineraid and Med-El implants, Otoacoustic Emissions and vestibular tests.


1. Life member of Indian speech and hearing association and Honorary General Secretary of ISHA (1991-94)
2. Full member of Audiological Society of Australia from 1986-1990.
3. Member Fulbright alumni of scholars, Bombay.
4. Member association of British council of scholars, 1993.

1. Research fellowship from the Indian Council of medical research from 12th Apil 1982 to 2nd July 1983.
2. Recipient of the best scientific paper award from ISHA.
3. Certification of appreciation from the ministry of Social Welfare, Govt. of India, New Delhi.
4. Recipient of Fulbright post doctoral fellowship for research work in U.S.A for six months from August 1989 to Februay 1990 from USIS & CIES, U.S.A.
5. Recognition from University of Bombay as a teacher of graduate and postgraduate programs.

Attended several speech and hearing camps conducted in various parts of India doing diagnostic and counseling work.

Speech perception, early identification of hearing loss, hearing aids and aural amplification .


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