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Curriculum Vitae


Name:                         Prof. Salim Showiman Al-Showiman

Date of Birth:              December 1945 (1365H)

Place of Birth:             Al-Methanab, Qaseem, Saudi Arabia

Nationality:                 Saudi

Department Address:

                                 Dept. of Chemistry, College of Science

                                 King Saud University

                                 P.O. Box 2455

                                 Riyadh 11451

                                 Saudi Arabia



Phone:                     01-467-5895

Fax:                         01-467-5992



·        B.Sc chemistry and Botany, 1971, College of Science, Riyadh University

·        Ph.D. Birmingham University, UK, 1976, Organic Chemistry


Title of Thesis:

An NMR investigation of E/Z interconversion in N-alkylimines and related compounds



·        Head of Chemistry Department for two years 1979-1981

·        Director of the research center of college of science for two years 1983-1985

·        Professor of organic chemistry 1988-preasent


Area of interest:

·        Chemistry of C=N compounds

·        NMR spectroscopy

·        Teaching Chemistry for graduate and undergraduate students

·        Theorization of book and articles in chemistry


Conferences and meetings attended:

1)   International conference on renewable organic raw materials, Toronto, Canada, July 1978

2)   21st international conference on spectroscopy science, Cambridge, UK, June 1979

3)   First Asian and Pacific Conference in Chemistry, Singapore, June 1981

4)   23rd international spectroscopy science, Tokyo, Japan, October 1981

5)   Workshop on developing Chemistry teaching in the Arabic world, Morocco, 1982

6)   First national meeting for chemistry, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 1982

7)   Second national meeting for chemistry, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 1986

8)   First national symposium on material science, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 1987

9)   International conference on chemistry and industry, future trends for the third millennium, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Dec 1998


Academic and research activities:

·       Fellowship in college of science council (1978-1981)

·       Member of the financial committee for eight years (1983-1990)

·       Fellowship of King Saud University academic council (1990-1992)

·       Membership of the plan committee of King Khalid Military Academy

·       Membership of plan committee for developing curriculums at Ministry of Education for twenty years (1979-1999)

·       Evaluation of many research grants to be granted by KACST

·       Evaluation of some short research projects for KAAU, KFAU, Om Al-Qura university

·       Refereeing some articles for different institutes

·       Theorization of books and articles in Arabic

·       Received financial encouragement gift from King Saud University (1980)

·       Participate in many committees for planning national meetings

·       Participate in two meetings of the higher education committee


Research and scientific activities:

1)    Publications: more than 48 scientific papers at national and international journals

2)    Books: 10 books in different fields of chemistry

3)    Submitted papers at conferences: 5 scientific papers submitted to different international conferences

4)  Supervision of graduate degrees:

a.     Main supervisor for 4 M.Sc students

b.     Co supervisor for 1 M.Sc student

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