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M-203(Course Contents)

            Infinite Series, convergence and divergence of infinite series, integral test, ratio test, root test, and comparison tests. Conditional and absolute convergence, alternating series test. Power series, Taylor and Maclaurin series. Double integral and its applications to area, volume, moments and centre of mass. Double integrals in polar coordinates. Triple integrals in rectangular, cylindrical and spherical coordinates and applications to volume, moment and centre of mass. Vector fields, line integrals, surface integrals, Green’s theorem, the divergence theorem, Stoke’ theorem.

 203 ريضcourse specification.doc

Chapter I:         Infinite Series

Chapter II:        Multiple Integrals

Chapter III:      Vector Calculus.


Recommended Text Book :

Calculus : By Swokowski, Olinick and Pence (Sixth Edition)

Lecture Notes : By Dr.Mohammed Asif Qurashi


203 ريضcourse specification.doc

Previous Years Questions and Solutions


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M-203(Ist Mid Term Exam solution) First semester 1431/32)doc 

 M-203(Solu of Second Mid term1431).doc

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