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495 Physics course

Solid State Physics has benefited enormously from the interplay between theory & experiments.The desire to understand the interactions between particles in solids led to detailed calculations & development of theory.Inturn,the desire to verify theory has led to the design of experiments that probe at the atomic level to obtain information about atomic structure,electron states,spins etc.etc.

This course has been designed in the light of the above said expression.

Experiments included are:

1-Electron Spin Resonance

2-Magnetic Susceptibility of Para&Dia Magnetic materials

3-Polarisation in Dielectrics.

4-Study of Crystal structure using X-Rays

5-Relationship of resistance with temperature

6-Energy gap of a Semi conductor

7-Thermo Electricity (Seebeck&Peltier effects)

8-Electron Diffraction

9-Hall effect,voltage,mobility etc.etc.

10-Solar Cells

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