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Curriculum Vitae


Mahmoud  Abdelhaleem (Ph.D.)

Riyadh Community College

 King Saud University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel. (966) 1- 473-5270 Ext. 498 (Office)

(966) 1- 226-7109 (Residence)

Cell phone:  0501010240




 ·       Consummate interpreter who is passionate about simultaneous interpretation high quality

·       Dedicated translator who is committed to timelines and performance of a high caliber

·       Published author and editor of many translation works covering a wide range of human endeavor

·        Collaborative team leader with a comprehensive background in various fields and outstanding interpersonal skills




·       Ph. D. (Linguistics)  Aug. 2004G. Faculty of Al-alsun, Ain Shams University Cairo. Thesis Title: A Stylistic Analysis of Conversational Opening and Closing: A Contrastive Study


·       Two-year Diploma (MA equivalent) in Written Translation and Simultaneous Interpretation  - June 1987. Faculty of Al-alsun, Ain Shams University, Cairo.


·       Two-year Diploma in Written Translation – June 1986. Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, Cairo.


·       BA (English language) – May 1984.  Faculty of Al-alsun, Ain Shams University,Cairo.


Simultaneous Interpretation Experience Record 


1.    "The International Day of Intellectual Property", King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Riyadh, April 26, 2011


2.    “The 26th Janadriah National Heritage & Culture Festival”, The National Guard, Riyadh, April 18-19/4/2011


3.    “First International Conference on Health Insurance: Options and Prospects”, Ministry of Health, Riyadh, April 10-11, 2011-04-12


4.    “Saudi Travel & Tourism Investment Market”, Saudi Commission for Travel and Antiquities, Riyadh, March 27-31, 2011.


5.    “International Exhibition and Forum on Public Education”, Ministry of Education, Riyadh, March 19-21,2011.


6.    “International Workshop on Improving Special Education Departments at Saudi Universities”, King Saud University, Riyadh Feb. 29- March 2, 2011.


7.    Proceedings of The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, International Award for Translation Fourth Session, Riyadh Feb.7,2011.


8.    " Inauguration Ceremony of  Prince Sultan Advanced Tech. Research Institute, King Saud University", Riyadh Jan. 30, 2011.


9.    “First International Forum on Entrepreneurship & Knowledge-Based Economy”, King Saud University, Riyadh 17-18 January 2011.


10.“International Conference on Teaching & Learning as Tools of Progress in Higher Education”, Prince Sultan University, Riyadh 16-17 January 2011.


11.“First International Forum on Scientific Societies at King Saud University, Riyadh 10-11 January 2011.


12." Inauguration Ceremony of KSU Nanotechnology New Buildigns", Riyadh Oct. 20, 2010.


13.“First International Conference on Urban Heritage in Islamic Countries”, Saudi Commision for Tourism and Antiquities,  Riyadh 23-26 May, 2010.

14."First Symposium on Computer Applications in Communication and Education Technology",  King Saud University, Riyadh 12-14 April, 2010.

15.“Proceedings of the General Presidency of Youth Welfare Sessions, Riyadh March 15, 2010.


16.Proceedings of The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, International Award for Translation Third Session, Riyadh Feb.2,2010.


17.“ The International Conference on Technology & Sustainability in the Built Environment”, King Saud University, Riyadh 03-06 January, 2010.


18.“The International Symposium on Disaster Management”, Ministry of Interior, Riyadh 04-07 October, 2009.


19.“The 3rd International Conference on Disability and Rehabilitation”, Ministry of Health, Riyadh 23-25 March, 2009.


20.“ The 1st Forum of Saudi Journalists”, Riyadh April 01, 2008.


 Teaching Experience Record 


2003-                Full Time Language Instructor,

Riyadh Community College, King Saud University


Courses taught:

-        Pragmatics

-        Discourse Analysis

-        Conversation Analysis

-        Psycholinguistics ( first and second language acquisition/learning)

-        Sociolinguistics

-        Grammar

-        Reading Comprehension

-        Listening and Speaking

-        Translation into English

-        Translation into Arabic


2003-2009 English Coordinator, Riyadh Community College

Duties & Responsibilities


  This involves planning and supervising programs for General English courses, Literature and Linguistics courses, and ESP courses as well as setting up the time tables of more than 15 full and part-time instructors. The college has more than 4000 students who study different English courses at different levels of both Associate degree and BA programs.


Extracurricular Activities


-        Translating all the Arabic academic and nonacademic material on Riyadh Community College website

-        Supervising the translation of King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences website.

-        Freelance translator for Atheeb Communication Consortium( the translated material ranges from HR manual to the consortium prospectus)

-        Freelance translator for the College of Public Health,  King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences (the material covers acdemic courses and the college students' manual)

-        Launching and running Conversation Room classes at Riyadh Community College to enhance students’ interactive skills.


- 2003-2004 Part-time Language Instructor,

Al-Jazeerah International Academy, Riyadh

New Interchange- levels 1-5


- 2002 Part-time Language Instructor,

Al-Faisal International Academy,Riyadh

New Interchange levels 1- 4


- 1998-1999 Part-time Language Instructor,

College of Languages and Translation

King Saud University, Riyadh


1995-1996                        Part-time Language Instructor,

The Saudi Academy, Riyadh


1996- 1997   Part-time Language Instructor,

The Horizon Institute, Riyadh


1987                  Part-time Language Instructor,

The International Center for Idioms, Cairo


1997-1998    Part-time Translator, The Economic

Bureau, a Riyadh-based leading consulting firm for feasibility

and marketing studies.                                      


1992- 2002    Translator/Interpreter, King Saud University, Riyadh


Duties:     Translation of academic research works

Translation of academic evaluation reports on overseas missionees                                      

Translation of staff contracts procedures                                                           Simultaneous interpretation for faculty members and staff


1995-1996 Part-time translator/editor

Journal of Contemporary Jurisprudence Research, ( Riyadh-based religious quarterly)


1993-1994                        Part-time translator

Al-Zaid Engineering Consultants, Riyadh                                           Translation covered tenders, contracts, and specifications                                        


1987-2001 Translator

Hyundai Eng. & Const. Co., Riyadh

Translation covered finance and accounts books, projects contracts and legal disputes with local clients.


1987  Translator/Editor, The Middle East News Agency, Cairo


1985-1987                        Translator/Editor at The Military Academy, Cairo

Translation covered military journal and periodicals Editing and interpreting military courses to  African cadets Editing works of fellow translators


Authored Books


1."Routine Formulas Revisited A Pragmatic Analysis of Conversation Opening and Closing: English vs. Two Egyptian Arabic Varieties", published by the German Publishing House VDM- June 2010


Translation Works


1.     “MYP: from Theory into Practice”, published by King Faisal Int'l Schools, Riyadh 2010

2.                                               "Organizational Learning and Learning Organization" by Mark Easterby-Smith et al, published by Institute of Health Sciences , Riyadh 2007 (editor)

3.                                               "A Curriculum Framework for International Primary Education", published by King Faisal Int'l Schools, Riyadh 2006 (editor)

4.                                               "MYP Coordinator Handbook", published by King Faisal Int'l Schools, Riyadh 2006 (editor)

5.                                               "Program Standards and Practices", published by King Faisal Int'l Schools, Riyadh 2005 (editor)

6.                                               “Foundations of Distance Education”, published by King Faisal Int’l Schools, Riyadh 2005(editor)

7.                                               “ Mega Universities”, published by King Faisal Int’l Schools, Riyadh 2004(editor)

8.                                               “Communicate with Confidence”, by Diana Booher    published in Riyadh in  2003

9.                                               “ The World Book Encyclopedia”, published in Riyadh in 1995

10.                                           “1985”- a novel by Anthony Burgess, published in Cairo in April 1988 

11.                                            “1984”- a novel by George Orwell, published in Cairo in      February 1984


In Press 

1-                                                                      “ An Egyptian Journal”- a travel literature book by the 1985 Noble Prize Winner William Golding

2-                                                                       “ The Origin of Man” – by Maurice Buccaille

Committee Membership


-                                      Translation Committee ( Chair), Riyadh Community College, KSU

-                                      Quality Assurance Committee, RCC, KSU

-                                      Academic Accreditation Committee, RCC, KSU

-                                      Course Preparation Committee, RCC, KSU

-                                      Academic Counseling Committee, RCC, KSU

-                                      Teaching Assistants & Lecturers Committee, RCC, KSU

-                                      Study Plans Committee, RCC, KSU


Seminars and Workshops Attended

o   Balanced scorecard- part II, a workshop held by King Saud University 03/5/2011

o   Balanced scorecard- part I, a workshop held by King Saud University 01/02/2011

o   Outcome-based Education, a workshop held by King Saud University 4-5/5/2010

o   Academic Acreditation in Higher Education, a workshop held by King Saud University (25-26/05/2009)

o   Outcome-based self-Assessment & Course Portfolio and Higher Education,  a workshop held by King Saud University on 14-15/3/2009

o   Assessment, Academic Acreditation, and Quality Insurance, a workshop held by King Saud University on 26/11/2006

o   Teaching Methods and Materials, a seminar held by McGrawhill Publishers, March, 2003

o   Teaching Methods and Materials, a seminar held by McGrawhill Publishers, November, 2004

o   Advanced Teaching Methods and Materials, a seminar held by MacMillan Publishers, November, 2005

o   Advanced English Teaching Methodology, a seminar held by McGrawhill Publishers, March 2006



Date of Birth: 23/ 09 / 1962 G

Nationality: Egyptian

Marital Status: Married



1-Dr. Mubarak Al-Hammad

College of Science, Dean

College of Arts, Dean

King Saud University

Wadi Al-Dawaser

Cell Phone: 050429692



2- Professor Saad Al-Shehri

Dean, Riyadh Community College

King Saud University

Cell Phone: 0505224587


3-Professor Moammad Al-Wadaan

King Saud University

Cell Phone: 0505564156



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