BOT 222: Principals of Flowering Plants Taxonomy


·       Historical review of plant taxonomy (industrial , natural, evolution)

·       Nomenclature

·       Classic taxonomy (morphological taxonomy of vegetation and floral characters – Fruits and seed characters.

·       Key to taxonomical unites.

·       Fertilization and seed formation

·       The different kinds of fruits

·       The  sexual differentiations of flowers and their fertilization




BOT 322: Experimental Taxonomy


·       Experimental and taxonomical studies of Biotaxonomy.

·       Units of experimental Biotaxonomy.

·       Geographical and ecological distributions.

·       Natural hybrididization.

·       Anatomical evidence of plant taxonomy.

·       Cytological evidence of plant taxonomy.

·       Chemical evidence of plant taxonomy.

·       Playnological evidence of plant taxonomy.




BOT 345: Flora of Saudi Arabia


   Historical review about floric studies in Saudi Arabia.

·       Topography and climate of K.S.A.

·       Vegetational  zones of Saudi Arabia.

·       Construction of flora and its different systems.

·       Different plant families of K.S.A.

·       The relationship between flora of K.S.A. and flora of other neighboring countries.

·       Endemic plants of K.S.A.

·       Endangered plants of K.S.A.




BOT 521: Advanced Angiosperm Taxonomy


·       Anatomical evidence of plant taxonomy.

·       Phytotaxonomy – Biotaxonomy

·       Cytological evidence of plant taxonomy.

·       Planynology and plant taxonomy.

·       Geographical distribution.

·       SEM. and TEM. The use of electronic microscope.

·       The different keys of plant taxonomy



BOT 523: Field  Systematic


·       Flowering plants and flora of Saudi Arabia.

·       Study the relationship between flora and ecology.

·       Geographical distribution of the flowering plants of Saudi Arabia.

·       Preservation of plants which collected from the fields.

·       Herbarium and its importance.

·       Field trip.