Curriculum Vitae


Name: Abdullah Rasheed Doaigey 

Nationality: Saudi 

Academic Rank: Professor ( in Botany and 

                       Microbiology Department,

                       College of Science,

                        King Saud University). 

Academic Degrees:

1- . Ph D. (1977 A.D)

     School of Pharmacy

     University of Bradford

     United Kingdom.

2- B.Sc. (1971 A.D)

     College of Science

     King Saud University

     Saudi Arabia.


Employment History:

-        Professor in Botany, (1993)

-        Associate Professor in Botany(1979-1982)

-        Lecturer in Botany, (1977-1979)

-        Demonstrator in Boyany(1971- 1973)


Administrative Assignment

-        Vice Dean of College of Science for Administrative affairs (1988- 1992).

-        Head of Biology Department, College of Education (1982-1984)

Scholarships, Awards:

       King Saud University Scholarship.



1.         Brooker , S.E., Doaigey, A.R.,Harkiss, K.J. 1976.  Comparative

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3.         Doaigey, A.R., Gawad, H.A. and Younis, I. 1981. Comparative anatomy

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4.         Doaigey, A.R., Mady, M.I. and Gawad, H.A.1982. Comparative    anatomical  

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5.         Doaigey, Abdullah R. and Harkiss, K. J. 1982. Comparative anatomy

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7.       Doaigey, Abdullah R. and Gawad, H.A. 1984. Comparative anatomy and 

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      9.       Doaigey, Abdullah R. and Al-Ahmad, Y.M. 19865.  Histologica studies of the


                leaf and stem of two Cleome species growing naturally in Saudi Arabia.

                J.Coll. Sci. Sci, King Saud Univ. 16(1), 13-21.


10.       Doaigey, Abdullah R. Gawad H. A. and Meligy, A.M. 1988 Histological

            characters of some marsh plants with special referenc to intercellular air

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11.       Doaigey, Abdullah R. Gawad, H.A.; Meligy A.M and Abd-El-Fattah,

            M.G. 1989.  Adaptive anatomical and histological characters of the leaf

            and stem of three desert species of Capparis. Arab Gulf J. Scient.

            Res. Agric. Biol. Sci. B7 (1), 53-67.


12.       Doaigey, Abdullah R. 1991. Trichome types in the genus Otostegia

            (Lamiaceae) 1:O.fruticosa var. fruticosa and O.fruticosa var. schimperi.

            J. King Saud Univ., Vol. 3 , Science (1), 23-30.


13.       Doaigey, Abdullah R. 1991. The occurrence, type and location of calcium

            oxalate crystals in the leaves and stems of 16 species of poisonous plants.

            American Journal of Botany. 78 (12) 1608-1616.


 14.     Doaigey, Abdullah R.1991. Type and occurrence of trichomes on two 

           Species   of Lavandula L. (Lamiaceae) 1: L.pubescens Decne.  

            and L.dentata L. Derasat (Science).Vol. 18. No. 4, 77 - 94.


15.       Al-Whaibi, M.H. and Doaigey, A.R. 1991. Response of date palm

            seedling to GA3 and 2,4-D spray application. 1. Effect on sugar and

            ion partitioning. Phyton, 52 (1): 43-50, Vll.


16.       Doaigey, A.R. and Harkiss, K.J. 1991 Application of epidermal characters

            to the taxonomy of European species of Antirrhinum L. (Scrophulariaceae).

            Nord J. Bot. 11(5) 513-524.


 17.   Doaigey, A. R. 1992 . Types  and  occurrence of trichomes in two species     

            of the genus Lavandula (Lamiaceae).11: L.stricta Del. and  L. coronopifolia  

            Lam. Pak. J.Bot. 24(2):131 - 141.


18.      Doaigey, A.R and Al-Whaibi, M.H. 1995. Effect of GA3 and  2,4-D spray  

           application on the morphology and anatomy of date palm root system .   

           Bak. J. Bot. 27 (2) 385-397.


19.        Al-Farhan, A.H. and Doaigey, Abdullah R. Studies on the flora of Saudi Arabia:

            1. On the pollen morphology of lamiaceae with special reference to taxonomy

           (under preparation).


20.       Abdullah R. Doaigey and M.H. Al-Whaibi. Effect of GA3 and 2,4-D Spray  

           Application on the anatomy of the Date Palm Seedling Shoot  System (sent 

           for puplication ).


21.       Abdullah R. Doaigey and Ihsan El-Habashy. Epidermal charactersof  

          leaves and stems of some species of Brassicaceae growing naturally in    

          Saudi  Arabia ( under preparation ).




          1- Practical Plant Anatomy (in Arabic)

          2- Plant Micotechnique (in Arabic) (1st Authar)

          3- Plant Morphology and Anatomy (in Arabic) (1st  Author  ). 

          4- Explanation of Botanical Terms (in Arabic) (1stAuthor ).  

          5- Guide of the Internal Structure of Wiled Flowring  Plants in the 

              Kingdom Saudi Arabia  (in Arabic) (1st  Author ). 

           6- Plants from Al-Qaseem (in Arabic) (1st  Author ).


Theses Supervision:

1- M.Sc.Degree:

  •  Comparative Anatomical Studies of some Species of the Genus Launaea Del. 

            Growing Naturally in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.(By: Fahad Al Masaud,

             2000) (in Arabic).

  •  Comparative Anatomical Studies on some Species of Heliathemum Growing

           naturally in the Kingdom of  Saudi Arabia. (By: Nauf AlKhail, 2002) (in Arabic).

  •  Effect of Treated Waste Water on the Internal Structure of TomatoSeedlings

           Grow in Hydroponics (By:Saad Aljrain ).

  • Morphological and Anatomical Studies on some Senna Miller  Species (Fabaceae)Growing Naturally in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Morphological and Anatomical Study of Flowers and Pollen grains of Some Species of the two genera : Capparis  and Cleome  growing wildly in the Kingdom of Soudi Arabia .


2- Ph.D. Degree:

  • Comparative Anatomical Studies on some Species of Subfamily Staycoideae

           (Lamdaiceae) Growing naturally in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. (By:  Ahlam


  •  Effets of Plant Growth regulators on the Internal Structures of Rumex    

            vesicarius ( By: Abdulaziz  Alshonafi, 2007 ).(in Arabic).



A- Confrences:

   1- Sixth Symposium - 23rd Meeting of saudi biological society    (attendance and/

        presented papers).

   2- Xlll International Botanical Congress, 21-28 August 1981,Sydny,Austrailia.

   3- Fifth Arab Conference of Biological Sciences.6-9 November 1989. Bagdad, Iraq.


B- Committees:

     - Chairman of departmental currculum planning committee 1985- 1988

     - Member of Departemental Equalizing courses committee 1985-1988

    - Member of Biologecal Garden Committee 1985- 1988           

    - Member of Biologecal Staff Members Affairs Committee 1985

    - Mmber of Departmental curriculum planning committee1989- 1993

    - Chairman of Training committee, College of Science 1988- 1992

    - Chairman of Animal house committee,College of Science 1988- 1992

    - Cairman of Final feport committee, College of Science 1988- 1992

    - Chairman of Following the Five Years Plan Committee, College of Science, 1988


     - Chairnan of Safty Committee , College of Science, 1988- 1992

     - Member of academic staff members promotion committee1988- 1992.

      - Chairman of Examination Committee for Technicalposts candidates College of


      - Co-chairman of Organizing Committee of twelvth Symposium on the Biological

        Aspects of Saudi Arabia held at College of Science King Saud University, Riaydh,

        21- 23, Decmber,1989.

       - Member of graduate requirements Committee  of Biological Departments in Gulf

         States Universities.

  B- Councils:

         - Member of College of Science Council,1988-1992.

         - Member of Saui BiologicalCouncil,1990- 1992

         - Member of College of ScienceCouncil, 1980.

 C- University Community Services:

     - Participated in working groups at King Abulaziz City for Science and Technology.

     - Refere of some pojects submitted to King Abdulaziz University Research center

       and Journal of King Saud University (Agricultural Sciencs).

     - Participatd in reviewing the graduate requirements of Biological Sciences in Gulf

       States Universities.

      - Secrerary General of Biological Society.

      - Member of Biological Society of America

      - Member of Saudi Biological Society.