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I would like all students to take note that i have recently updated this website and that it will be used more frequently and oftenly to dessiminate information and communicate with students important news, student results, and provide important and relevant documents.

Therefore, i would like all students to visit this website from time to time in order to keep in touch with new information and events.



102 Results are submited today 23 June, 2008.

Good Luck  :)


342 phys RESULTS

سوف تنشر نتائج 342 فيز بداية الاسبوع المقبل 28\6 انشاء الله .مع تمنياتي بالنجاح
 للاطلاع على النتائج اضغط على الرابط التالي  
       ** تهنئة **       
Next semester courses 
 The subjects that i will teech next semester (first semester 1429-1430 ) are  :
 212 phys , 342 phys , 381 phys and one subject of 1ox.
for course hours click on Time Table

 212 phys final exam. will take place Saturday , feb, 07, from 8.0 - 11 am

Good luck

 342 phys.  final exam will take place THURSDAY Feb. 17 , from 8.0 - 11 am

Good luck.