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Physics & Astronomy Department  , College of Science

King Saud University, PO Box 2455

Riyadh 11451, Saudi Arabia

Tel: +9661 4676629



EDUCATION:           Ph.D. (Physics) University of Reading, U.K. (1982)

                                    Thesis Title: A Study of Radiation Damage in Materials by

                                    Small Angle Neutron Scattering.


M.Sc. (Applied Radiation Physics) Birmingham

University, U.K. (1978).


M.Sc. (Physics) University of the Punjab, Lahore,

Pakistan (1970).


B.Sc. (Physics & Mathematics) University of the Punjab,

Lahore, Pakistan (1967).




12/90 - Present         Associate Professor, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


2/90 - 12/90               Professor (Physics) and Vice Principal Postgraduate Government  Forman Christian College, Lahore (Pakistan).


1/89 - 2/90                 Professor and Chairman, Physics Department, Postgraduate Govt. College, Lahore - Pakistan.


11/87 - 1/89               Professor and Chairman, Physics Department, Postgraduate Govt. College for Science - Lahore.


5/87 - 11/87               Professor (Physics) and Principal Govt. Degree College, Hafizabad - Pakistan.


8/84 - 5/87                 Assistant Professor (Physics) Postgraduate Govt. College Lahore - Pakistan.


11/82 - 8/84               Lecturer Govt. Gordon College, Rawalpindi - Pakistan.


9/77 - 11/82               Proceeded for higher studies (M.Sc. & Ph.D) U.K.


11/71 - 9/77               Lecturer Govt. College Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.





·                      Roll of Honour from Government College, Lahore (Pakistan).

·                      Certificate of Merit, by the Punjab University, Lahore (Pakistan).

·                      Certificate of Merit, for services rendered to the Physics Society Govt.

   College Lahore.

·                      Scholarship holder in academic career.

·                      Award of an Overseas Training Scholarship on merit.





1.                  Professor and Vice Principal, Government F.C. College, Lahore.

2.                  Professor and Chairman, Physics Department, Government College, Lahore, (Pakistan).

3.                  Professor and Chairman, Physics Department, Government Science College, Lahore (Pakistan).

4.                  Training in Administration and Management Organised by the Government (Education Department), Lahore (1984).

5.                  Member, Committee for Planning & Development Courses, Physics Department, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia, since 1993-1995.





·                      Neutron Scattering Society of America (NSSA) since 1994.

·                      International Nuclear Track Society (Germany) since 1988.

·                      Institute of Physics (Pakistan) since 1988.

·                      Physical Society of Pakistan 1989.

·                      Advisory Council, Scientific Journal "Science International", Lahore, 

   1989 - 1993.





·                      Delivered a seminar at King Fahad University of Petroleum &

   Minerals, Dahran, Saudi Arabia (1992).


·                      Neutron Conference Organised by Institute of Physics, London, (1982).


        ·         Presented a paper in the International Conference organised by the University Grnts Commission (Islamabad) I.C.T.P. Trieste (Italy) ISESCO (Morocco) UNESCO (India).


· 14th International Conference on Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors

      Lahore, Pakistan (1988).



· National Seminar to identify strategies to integrate Education System

and Curriculum with the World of work organised by the Ministry of Education, Islamabad, (1988).


        ·          International Conference on Materials Science held in Multan organised  

     by the University of Multan, Pakistan (1989).


        ·          Fourth National Conference on Solid State Physics 14-16 April,

     organised by Quaid-I-Azam, University, Islamabad (1984).



OTHER ACADEMIC / research activities:


        ·          Co-ordinator for Physics (106) Course, at King Saud University, Riyadh



        ·          Supervised Postgraduate Solid State Nuclear Track Research Detection

     Laboratory at Government College, Lahore (1984-1989).


        ·          Resource Person in Micro Testing - Science Course for International

     Islamic University, Islamabad (1986).


        ·           Resource Person in the 4th Summer School in Science for President's

 Pool of Talented Students Organized by B.I.S.E. (Lahore) and Pakistan Science Foundation Islamabad (1985).


        · National Seminar on Integrated Science, Ministry of Education, the

   British Council, Islamabad (1977).


        ·          College Teacher Training Programme organized by Education

   Department, Government of the Punjab, Lahore (1974).


        ·          Computer Training Course, Computer Bureau, Cabinet Division,

   Government of Pakistan, Islamabad (1983).


          ·          Supervising Postgraduate Radon Detection Research Laboratory since  





Born 12 October 1947 - Married and having one child.


Courses Taught:         

At all levels B.Sc. & M.Sc. and also Supervised 8  Master Research Thesis, and 10 (TEN) B.Sc. research projects.







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S .S .Al-Ghamdi ,  G. A. Al-Khougeer,  M.R.Baig

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 S. S. Al-Ghamdi  ,G .A Al-Khougeer, M.R.Baig

Indoor Radon  Levels and Distribution in Occupied and Unoccupied Rsidential Buildings In Students’ Campus at King saud University, Riyadh,Journal of king Saud University (2006) (  in the press).


M. S. Garawi, M.R.Baig, M.Z. Al-anazi

Residential Radon concentration measurements in different Populated Areas in Riyadh (Saudi-Arabia), Journal of Biophysics (Egypt) (2007) (in the press).



M . R . Baig

Studying the Alpha Response of Polyallydiglycol Carbonate (CR-39) Nuclear Track Detector under Post Integrated Sunlight Exposure.Journal of scientific Research ,University

of The Punjab Lahore (Pak) (2007)



M.R. Baig

Investigating Radon Transport through Different Saudi Building Materials. Journal of scientific Research niversity of The Punjab Lahore (Pak) (2007)






M.R. Baig



Scattering  of 10 MeV  U-238 heavy Ions  With  Silver Target  Using CR-39   Solid State nuclear Track detector, submitted  to    Third Saudi Science  Conference  held in March 2007 , at  Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .(Presented)                                           









             M. S. Al -Salhi, M.R.Baig

The Effects    of Laser irradiation on Latent track structure in Cellulose nitrate (CN-85)Detector  , presented  in Saudi Physical Society  Conference  held  on   18-20, December 2006, at Riyadh , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. (Presented).








                      M. S. Garawi, M.R.Baig, M.Z. Al-anazi

 Indoor Radon distribution Inside different Rooms of Residential buildings in Riyadh, Sci.Int.(Lahore) ,(6),81-82(2004)













Under Publication


M.R. Baig, Study of Radon diffusion in different Saudi Building material, using Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors (To be published).


M.R. Baig, "Longterm Steady State Radon Measurement in Radon Laboratory, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (To be submitted).


M.R. Baig, Garawi, M.S., Al-Anazi, M.D., "Measurement of Radon Concentration in Saudi Dwellings in Different Areas of Riyadh (To be published).

M.R. Baig, Garawi, M.S., "Relative Higher Concentration of Radon in Mud Houses in Old Diriya, West of Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) (To be published).


M.R. Baig, Garawi, M.S. and Al-Anazi, M.D., "Observation of Seasonal Variation of Radon Concentration in  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (To be published).


M.R. Baig, "Excellent agreement between the measurements of two different kinds of passive radon dosimeters by track etch technique" (To be published).



Took Active Part in the Discussions During the Publication of the following Papers:


1)         A.M. Al-Soraya          Isotope & Radiation Research

                                                24, 2, pp. 95-101(1992).


2)         M.S. Al-Garawi          Radiation Protection Dosimetry

                                                Vol.63, No.3, pp. 297-280(1996).


3)         I.A.N. Al-Agil              Science International Vol.4(3) pp.213-216(1992).


4)         M.S. Garawi               To investigate Track recording and etching

properties 241Am irradiated CR-39, Detector. 

Proceedings of First Saudi Materials Science Conference (2000).




Reaseach Work Under Progress:


1.                                          Study of Physical changes induced by industrial 60Co Source in Saudi Manufactured Styrene Butadine rubber.


2.                                          Measurement of radio activity from Saudi Building Materials by Solid State Nuclear Track detection technique.


3.                                          To Study Radon Exhalation rate from Saudi Building Material using Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors.


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