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Name: Bader A.H.AL-Saleh

Academic Rank: Professor

Major: Instructional Design &Technology

Tel. Office(4674569), Mob.(0503273595)


Academic Degrees:

· Doctor of Philosophy( Educational Systems Development):

Michigan State University,1985.

· Bachelor of Arts & Education: King Saud University,1975

· Master in Instructional Media : University of Northern


· Doctor of Philosophy( Educational Systems Development):

Michigan State University,1985.

Employment history:

· Oct.2007 to date: Professor, King Saud University, College of

Education, Riyadh.

· Sep.2007- April,2002: Associate Professor, King Saud University,

College of Education, Riyadh.

· Mars,2002-1988 : Assistant Professor, King Saud

University(KSU), College of Education, Riyadh.

· 1988-1985 : Assistant Professor, King Faisal University(KFU),

College of Education, Al-Ahssa.

· 1985-1977/78: Graduate Study, USA.

· 1977/76 : T.A., King Faisal University, Dammam.

· 1976/75 : Teacher, Palestine Intermediate School, Riyadh..

Academic/Administrative Activities (King Faisal University):

· Graduation Ceremony Organization Committee member, 1988/87

· College of Education Board member, 1988/87

· Information Committee member, Palm Date Conference, 1987.

· University Credit System Committee member, 1987.

Academic/ Administrative Activities (King Saud university):

· Member in the College of Education Strategic Planning Committee

for the next five years, 2007.

· Member in the Department Doctoral Program development

Committee, 2004/05.

· Supervisor of the technical units at the Department of Instructional

Media and Technology, 20021/01- 1995/94,.


· Supervisor of College of Education Diploma & Training Center,


· Member in the University TV& Audio Distribution Center

Council, 1992-1990.

· Department representative at the College of Education Board,


· Member in the College of Education Courses Duplication

Committee, 1990.

· Member in the College of Education Diploma Issues Committee,


Professional Activities:

· Member in the following associations:

- The Saudi Association for Educational & Psychological

Sciences(SAEP), Riyadh.

- Association for Educational Communications & Technology


- Egyptian Association for Instructional Technology.

· Member in the meetings of the Distance Education Committee

for the GCC universities 2007-2003.

· Member in the Instructional Technology Committee, Ministry of

Education (MOE), 2005-2003.

· Member in the Quality Assurance Team for the Comprehensive

Curricula Development Project, MOE, 2005

· Member in the Technology Standards Team for the Pioneering

School Project, MOE, 2003.

· Member in the Scientific Committee (SAEP: Annual Meeting),


· Part time consultant, General Directorate of instructional

Technology, MOE, 2003-2001.

· Member in the Training Committee (WATANY Project) &

developer of the Technical Training Plan, 2001.

· Member in the HRH Prince Abdullah Bin Abdullaziz Computer

Project Technical Committee (WATANY), 2000.

· Secretary of the Information Committee (SAEP: Annual Meeting),

1999, 1991, 1990.

Academic Activities:

· Reviewing many research papers submitted for publication in

professional journals, 2003 to date.

· Teaching graduate courses at Instructional Master Program,

College of Education, KSU.1990- to date.

· Supervising & Advising Masters & Doctoral thesis students at

KSU & Girls Colleges, 1990 to date.


· Teaching undergraduate courses at the College of Education,

KSU.1988- to date.

· Teaching undergraduate courses at the College of Education,

King Faisal University, 1988-1985.

Professional Conferences:

· SAEP Association Annual Meetings, Riyadh,2007 -1993.

· Third International Conference, Arabian Educational Technology

Association, Egypt, Sep.2007.

· Sixth International Conference on Internet Education & Training,

Egypt, Sep.2007.

· School Reform Conference, Dubai, UAE, April,2007.

· First International Media Literacy Conference, Riyadh, March,


· The International Conference on Distance Learning, Muscat, 2006.

· E-Learning in The Human & Social Sciences, Dubai, UAE, April,


· Private Education Annual Meeting , Al-Khobar,Mars,2005.

· Egyptian IT Association Conference, Egypt,Feb,2005.

· Forums at the College of Education, KSU: (2003,2004)

· AECT Association Annual Conferences ,USA


Published Papers & Books:


· Co-translator of Inst. Tech.: Past, Present, & Future (KSU,2005).

· Co-author: The Procedural Guidebook for Writing Textbooks,

MOE, 2005.

· Survey of ID Models( AL-Obaikan Bookstore,2003).

· Co-author: the Comprehensive Reference Framework for Learning

Resources Centers. Arab Bureau of Education for the GCC, 2003

· Co-translator of : Inst. Tech. Foundations (KSU,2000).

· Translator: Inst. Tech.: The Definition & Domains of the Field

(AL-Shegry Bookstore, 1998).


Papers (examples only):

· University Virtual Education: A Comparative Study of Selected

Arabic and Foreign Virtual Universities .Ed. Studies Journal,

Colleges of Teachers Preparation,Vol.7.No.1, 2007.

· Requirements for Integrating Distance e-Learning into Saudi

Universities from the Field Experts Point of View. Journal of

Ed. & Psycho. Studies,2007.


· E-Learning in The Human & Social Sciences: Inst. Design Comes

First, Gulf Research Center Dubai, April,UAE,2005.

· E-Learning & ID: Partnership for Quality. Egypt the Instructional

Technology Association, Feb. 2005.

· Patterns and Levels of Use of the Internet by Faculty Members

at King Saud University, Riyadh Campus .Educational Journal,

Kuwait university,Vol.19,No.75, 2005.(In English).

· The Future of Inst. Tech. & its Role in Bringing About Qualitative

Change in Inst. & Learning Methods. The College of Education

Research Center, KSU,No.205, 2003.

· ID Variables Affecting the Success of Distance Ed. Programs. KSU


· Computer Based Instruction in Saudi Education: A Survey of

Commercially Produced Software. AECT Convention, Long

Beach 2000.

· Analysis of Papers Published in the AECT Annual Proceedings

from 1996 through 2000.AECT Convention, Denver,2000.

· Success Factors for Incorporating Virtual Instruction into

Traditional Universities .AECT Convention, Denver,2000.

Lectures, Articles, & Community Services:

· Trainer in Instructional Design of Faculty Members in Saudi

Arabia Universities, 2007-2006.

· Presented many lectures for public & private schools in different

cities in Saudi Arabia.

· Trainer & co-trainer of a number of workshops for teachers ,

curricula & textbooks specialists & writers,

· Trainer & co-trainer of inst. tech.& learning resources centers

supervisors in Saudi Arabia & other GCC.

· Wrote many articles in journals in Saudi Arabia (e.g. Almaarifa ,

Saudi Communications, Technology & Training ) , Ara Alkalig

Magazine, Dubai .

Other works:

Presented many published position papers in forums &

professional meetings: (e.g. School Reform Conf. Dubai,2007,

First Int. Conf. on Media Ed.,Riyadh,2007, Int. Conf. on Dist.

Learning, Muscat,2006, Inst. Tech. & Inf. Forum, The Future

School Forum , Globalism & ED. Priorities Forum, Col. Ed., KSU,

2005,2004,2003,1999, respectively, GCC Distance Ed. Committee

Annual Meetings, 2004)



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