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     Other Activities:

Coordination and participation in the University and Community Activity Weeks, 1997 – 1999.


Community Health Education:


1.    The occasion:  World’s Health Day –“Immunization and Prevention of Childhood Diseases”.  Saudi Benevolent for Handicapped Children, 1988.


2.    The occasion:  “Safety Motherhood” – International Health Day, in KKUH for patients and general public.  In girls Intermediate and High Schools for Students and Staff, 1988.


3.    The occasion:  “Health needs of Women in Middle Age” The International Day for the Family – open lecture for the public in Prince Salman Social Center, Riyadh; 19 May 1998.


4.    The occasion:  Osteoporosis Day “Prevention of Osteoporosis among Women”.  As part of activity of the Saudi Osteoporosis Society, Prince Salman social Center, Riyadh; 1999.


5.    The occasion:  On the International Day for Breastfeeding in KKUH, and Primary Health Care Centers, Riyadh; 05-07 October 1999.


6.    The occasion:  The Awareness Week of King Saud University – “Diseases of Affluence in Saudi Society”, Female Center for Science and Medical Studies, King Saud University, Riyadh; 1999.


7.    The occasion:  The Occurrence of “Rift Valley Fever Epidemic” in Saudi Arabia for the first time in Asia.  “Three lectures on Prevention and Control of RVF”.  In KKUH, for PHC physicians, for staff, and students.  In College of Science and Medical Studies, and in the College of Humanity Studies, King Saud University, Riyadh; 2000.


8.    The occasion:  The Awareness Week of King Saud University – “The Application of Premarital Examination in Saudi Arabia”, Female Center for Humanitarian Studies, King Saud University, Riyadh; February 2004.


9.    Workshop Moderator:  [Choosing a Future Career “Which and Where”?].  Half-day Workshop dedicated for Medical School interns.  College of Medicine, King Saud University, Riyadh; 17 April 2003.


10.           Representative of the Medical College, King Saud University, in the International Tenth  Annual Anniversary for the Family, 2004 (Nominated by the Dean of Medical College, King Saud University).


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