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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

Research and Publications:
1) “Profile of Elderly Saudi Male Subjects Patronizing a Social Center and the Effect of a 6-Week Walking Program”., by Kamaldeen A. OLUSEYE. Journal of the Nigeria Medical Rehabilitation Therapists; Vol.5, No. 1,(Issue No. 9) June, 2000; pp 5-7.
2) “Effect of High-heeled Shoes and Culturally Habitual Posture on Calf Muscle Flexibility” by Waleed A. Al-Dali and Kamaldeen A. Oluseye. Arab Gulf J. Scientific Res., 17 (3), pp 326-335(1999).
3) “Normative Values of Spinal Mobility for Saudi Arabian Healthy Adult Females” by Sami S. Abdulwahab, Kamaldeen A. Oluseye, Rania M. Zendaki and Ahlam S. Arab; Acta Orthop Traumatol Turc 30: 423-424,1996.
4) “ Cardiovascular responses to exercise in Nigerian women” by Kamaldeen Aremu Oluseye. Journal of Human Hypertension(1990) 4, 77-79.
5) “ Relative Transmissivity Of Local Substitutes For the Manufacturer’s Ultrasonic Transmission Medium” by Dr(Mrs) Arinola O. Sanya and Dr. Kamaldeen A. Oluseye. Journal of Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy Vol X No. 2, 1990.

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