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Following are the courses descriptions for courses taught this semester



Course Title:  Physical Therapy in Geriatrics and         Terminal Illness.

 Course Number:                     RHS 424.

 Credit Hours:                         1 + 1 = 2

 Course Instructor:   Dr. Kamaldeen A. Oluseye.

 Course Description:  

The course is designed to explore those factors affecting the health and well being of aging people. It will cover the relationship between the process of aging and behavior in such areas as sensory, personality and cognitive functioning. Other subjects will include the social and cultural aspects of aging, social influences on the aging individual, and age related changes in accommodation to the social environment. Finally, considerable attention will be paid to some specifically selected clinical conditions observed to be common with the elderly including an overall assessment of health profile of an aged individual.


Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:

 1.     Comprehend the concept of aging process.

2.     Appreciate the implications and complications of aging in all its ramifications.

3.     Recognize the need for welfare program for the aged population.

4.     Understand the bases and strategies for interacting purposefully and effectively with the aged population.

5.     Demonstrate professional skills and confidence necessary in the management of some common clinical conditions found in the elderly population.




Course_title:     Occupational Therapy              

Course Number:           RHS 425

Credit hours:                 1+1=2              

Course instructor:        Dr. Kamaldeen A. Oluseye.

Course Description: The course introduces the student to the general concepts, principles and different Occupational Therapy approaches plus methods of assessment and treatment of variety of disease patterns involving physical dysfunctions.


Objectives : Upon the completion of the course, the student should be able to :

1)     Understand the philosophical bases of Occupational Therapy (O.T.)

2)     Appreciate the principles underlying the evaluation techniques employed in OT.

3)     Rationalize the choice of specific Activities of Daily Living to achieving a particular therapeutic goal.

4)     Identify the categories of patients that may benefit from Occupational Therapy services.


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