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DLT 242 Removable Partial Prosthodontic

 Technology Course

Duration:             one half year

Credit hours:       4 credit hours

                             Didactic-1credit hour

                             Practical-3 credit hours

Level :                  Second   level, (semester 2& 3 of 5)                       Pre-requisites:        DLT 141 (Removable Complete Dentures)

Course Description                                            

It is designed to introduce the student to fabricate metal framework

and  acrylic resin provisional dentures.

. The course consists of didactic and practical components. The didactic component will be delivered in 15 weekly lectures.


          1. Three metal framework for Class I mandibular, Class III maxillary    and Class IV maxillary.

          2. Three waxed up frameworks

Grade Distribution:

1. Mid term assessment             20%

          A. Didactic                     10%

          B, Practical                     10%

2. Laboratory technique            30%

3. Final assessment                   50%

          A. Final written                25%

          B. Final practical             25%

Total                                        100%


Rhoad JE, Rudd KD, Morrow RM. Dental laboratory procedures  Vol.

I and III, 2nd  ed  St. Louis: CV Mosby Co., 1998.

Lecture Topics

1.     Introduction to removable partial dentures.

2.     Components of removable partial dentures.

3.     Surveying of partially endentulous casts.

4.     Design principles of partial dentures of various Kennedy  classifications.

5.     Wax blockout- Duplication in  Agar- agar material – Pouring of refractory cast.

6.     Wax- up of RPD frameworks.

7.     Spruing-Investing & casting of wax-up framework,

8.     De- investing, de-spruing , finishing and polishing the metal framework.

9.     Construction of attached tray- Altered cast technique.

10.                        Construction of record blocks on altered casts.

11.                        Arrangement of teeth .refining occlusion –wax-up on altered cast (Kennedy I).

12.                        Processing R.P .Ds.

13.                        Repair of removable partial dentures.

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