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SDS 321 Clinical Removable Prosthodontic – I

Course Outline

Credit Hours

          6 Credit hours

       2 credit hour lectures    : one hour lecture weekly for 2 semesters.

          2 credit hour clinical      : three hours weekly for 2   semesters.            

          2 credit  hour practical  : three hours weekly for 2 semesters


        This is the first of three clinical courses in removable prosthodontics for graduation as a dentist. The student should pass the SDS 211 course as a pre-requist.

Course description

        This course consists of didactic, clinical, and laboratory components, and consists of treating patients with conventional removable Prosthodontics. Syllabus include diagnosis, treatment planning. Treatment procedures and follow up of treatment. Lectures focus on concepts, principles, indications, limitations of different clinical procedures.

          There are 30 clinical sessions in a year consisting of clinical procedures for patient examination, motivation, and instructions to use removable prosthesis,

          During laboratory sessions (once a week) students will do all the laboratory procedures for removable partial denture (R.P.D) and complete dentures (C.D) fabrication with exception of metal framework and processing of acrylic resin denture base. These steps will be done by central laboratory.


          1. Two partially edentulous arches.

          2. Two completely edentulous arches.




          Two laboratory examinations:         10%

       1, Surveying, designing, and writing work authorization form for a  RPD 

          2. Arrangement of teeth for C.D for Class III jaw relation.

           Two clinical examinations:              10%

          1. Final impression 

          2. Try- in of dentures.

           Oral examination in the clinics:       20%

           Half yearly written examination:  20%

           Final written examination           20%


1. Heartwell Jr. C M, Rahn AO. Text book of complete dentures. 5th  ed

    Philadelphia,  Lea & Febiger, 1992.

2. Rhoad JE, Rudd KD, Morrow RM. Dental laboratory procedures ,

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3. McGivney G P, Carr AP, editors. McCracken’s Removable Partial

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4.Stwart KL, Rudd KD, Kuebker WA. Clinical removable partial              

   prosthodontics, St. Luois, The  CV  Mosby Co.,1988.

 Lecture Topics

1.     Introduction to clinical and laboratory protocol.

2.     Diagnosis and treatment planning for dentulous and edentulous patients –Part I.

3.     Diagnosis and treatment planning of edentulous and edentulous patients – Part II.

4.     Mouth preparation for removal partial denture.

5.     Surgical and non- surgical preparation of the mouth for complete denture treatment.

6.     Impression of partially edentulous patient.

7.     Principles and objectives of impression making for complete dentures

8.     Recording maxillo- mandibular relations for complete dentures.

9.     The metal framework, try-in and dual impression.

10.      Jaw relation record for RPD patient.

11.       Selection of artificial anterior teeth- various methods and related anatomic factors (complete dentures ).

12.       Selection and arrangement of posterior teeth - various method and

13.      Related anatomic factors (complete dentures).

14.    Selection and arrangement of teeth for RPD- the denture base.

15.     Retention and stability of complete dentures.

16. Philosophy of occlusion, occlusal concepts and occlusal schemes

a.      for complete dentures.

17.   Arrangement of teeth for abnormal jaw relation, (Class II and III). 18. Principles of partial denture design.

18.    Stress consideration in distal extension partial dentures.

19.    Wax try-in of complete dentures.

20.   Various techniques of establishing posterior palatal seal.

21.     23. Complete denture placement and clinical remount procedures.

22.  24. Post insertion problems and management of complete dentures.

23.     25. RPD placement, counseling, complaints and adjustments.

24.  26. Provisional removable partial dentures.

25.     27. Immediate complete dentures (Pat I).

26.    28. Immediate complete dentures, (Part II).


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