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  SDS 211 Preclinical Removable Prosthodontics

 Course Outline

Credit Hours:

        6 credit hours:

          2 credit hours: Didactic 1 hour lecture weekly for 2 semesters.

          4 credit hours: Practical, 6 hours weekly for 2 semesters.


SDS 211 is a one year course during the second year. It is an introductory course to removable Prosthodontics and is pre-clinical.

 Course Description:

          This course is the first course in removable prosthodontics. It consists of didactic and practical components that cover both complete and removable partial dentures. The first half of the year is devoted for complete dentures, the second half for the removable partial denture. The practical component covers the technical aspect of construction of complete dentures in the first half of the year and the technical aspect of removable partial dentures construction in the second half of the year.

          During the course various exercises that simulate the clinical treatment of the patient are also employed. The course in general is designed to prepare the student to understand the biological, mechanical and esthetic aspect of complete denture and partial denture treatment.



1. Continuous Assessment:               60%

a. Didactic (threeassessments)          30%                           

b. Practical (five assessments)           30%


2. Final Examination                                               40%

          a.       Practical examination                          10%

          b.       Final didactic examination                   30%


 1.     Heartwell Jr. C M, Rahn AO. Text book of complete dentures.5th ed. Philadelphia, Lea & Febiger, 1992.

2.     Rhoad JE, Rudd KD, Morrow RM. Dental Laboratory Procedures, Volume   I & III, 2nd. St. Louis: CV Mosby Co., 1986.

3.     McGivney G P, Carr AP, editors. McCracken’s Removable Partial Prosthodontics. 10th ed. St. Louis, the CV, Mosby Co. 2000.

 Lecture Topics for complete dentures:

1.     Introduction to prosthodontics.

2.     Oral anatomy in relation to complete Denture prosthodontics.

3.     Principles of complete denture prosthodontics.

4.     Stock impression trays &construction of diagnostic casts.

5.     Custom impression tray and construction of master cast.

6.     Mandibular positions and jaw relations.

7.     Record blocks and jaw relations.

8.     Introduction to articulators.

9.     Arrangement of anterior teeth.

10.            Arrangement of posterior teeth.

11.            Complete denture wax up and flasking procedures.

12.            Deflasking and laboratory remount.

13.            Selective grinding, finishing & polishing.

14.            Denture repair.

Lectures topics for Removable partial dentures (RPD)

1.     An introduction to removable partial dentures.

2.     Components and functions of RPD.

3.     Classification of partially edentulous arches

4.     Surrveyor and surveying.

5.     Abutment teeth preparation (part I. Posterior teeth).

6.     abutment teeth preparation   (Part II anterior teeth)

7.     Direct retainers (suprabulge).

8.     Infrabulge retainer

9.     Indirect retainer.

10.            Mandibular major connectors.

11.            Maxillary major connectors

12.            Denture bases and teeth.

13.            Laboratory procedures of fabricating RPD.

14.            Review.

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