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DLT 261 Maxillofacial Prosthodontics Technology

 Course Outline

Duration:                       Half year course

 Credit hours:                 Three 

          Didactic                1 credit hour

          Practical                2 credit hours

Level :   Third level 2nd half (semester 5 of 5).

Course Description:

       This course is designed to introduce the student the concept, indications and limitations of the subject matter; the technique used to fabricate models, appliances, and prosthesis. Also, to develop the required skills through progressive instructions and practice.

        The didactic component will be delivered in 15 weekly lectures. The practical component will be delivered in 30 (2 weekly) sessions. It will provide the concept, indication and practice to progressively develop the shills and understanding required to fabricate models, appliances and prosthesis included in the requirements.


    Immediate, interim and definitive obturators.

A correctly relocated mounted - pre-operative surgical cast.

A hollow box obturator and cast metal framework.

A  facial  prosthesis.


A. Continuous assessment

Didactic1                                  20%

Practical                                   20%

Laboratory performance            20%

B. Final assessment

Final didactic                            20%

Final Practical Examination        20%



 Chalian VA, Drane JB, Standish SM, Maxillofacial Prosthetics. Multi disciplinary Practical Baltimore. The Williams & Wilkins Co., 1971.


1.     Introduction to maxillofacial technology.

2.     Materials for fabrication of maxillofacial prosthesis.

3.     Introduction to obturators, types of obturators, Immediate, Interim, and         definitive obturators.

4.     Pre-surgical impression technique for obturators.

5.     Immediate obturator design, fabrication and use.

6.     Interim and post surgical (definitive) obturator fabrication; definitive obturator design principles.

7.     The Gunning splint.

8.     Cast metal splint (Part I and Part II).

9.     Cleft lip and palate rehabilitation.

10.                        Consideration for facial replacement: Auricular, nasal, orbital and occular prosthesis.

11.                        Mid facial composite prosthesis.

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