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Scientific Papers Read in International


·       Surface detail, compressive strength and dimensional accuracy of gypsum casts after repeated immersion in hypochlorite solution. Saudi Arabian Dental Society Meeting, 10-13th  January, 2005.

·       Effect of disinfection of acrylic resin custom tray on the bond strength for polyvinyl siloxane impression adhesive system. Annual meeting of Saudi Arabian Dental Society and IADR Saudi Arabian Section, 5-7 February, 2002.

·       The inner canthal distance  and geometric progression as a predictor for maxillary central incisor width. 11th Saudi International  Dental Meeting 28th February to 2nd March 2000.

·       The effect of frequency and amplitude of vibration on void      formation in dies poured from polyvinyl siloxane impressions.10th Saudi International Dental  Meeting , 998.

·       Importance of inner canthal distance in Prosthodontics-Table Clinic, 10th  Saudi International Meeting, 1998.

·       Acceptability of lateral Occlusal records by Hanau Modular articulator, 8th, Saudi International Dental  Meeting, 1994.

·       Oral stereognosis : A clinical aid in evaluating neuromuscular coordination of edentulous patients. 7th Saudi International Meeting 27 to 30 January 1992.

·       comparative study of face-bow transfer of Hanau and Whip Mix articulators, 7thSaudi International Meeting, 1992.

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