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 List of Publications

   A)           Papers Published in Academic, Specialized, and Refereed Journals:

 1.M.Hafez, M.Montaser,etal: Inherited Imminoregulatory Dysfunction in wxtrinsic Bronchial Samantha.  The Ooficial Journal Of The Association The Care Of Asthma. 24(5), pp.271-281 (1987). ( USA )

Abstract:                                                                                 We studied 119 members of 22 asthmatic multiplex

families. Incuded were 44 parents ( seven were asthmatics),

48 sthmatics (23 were undergoing an attack at the time

of sampling and 27 normal siblings. The following investigations were carried out on all subjects :1)

detection of total T lymphocytes, helper cells, and

suppressor cells, using monoclonal antibodies (OKt3,

OKT4 and OkT8), 2)study of nonspecific T-lymphocyte

blast transformation induced by PHA, and 3) HLA-A,B

and DR antigen determination using the microcytotoxicity technique. The results were compared with normal ranges

 and data for normal group and statistically and genetically annalyzed. They indicat :  1)The number of T-cells was low

in asymptomatic asthmatics and normal in asthmatics in

attack; 2) There were fewer helper and normal suppressor

 cells (that is , a low H:S ratio )in asymptomatic asthmatics ,

and a normal amount of helper and suooressor cells ( a normal  H:S ratio ) in those experienccing an attack; 3)

there was a percentage of a lymphocyte transformation in

both groups of asthmatics; 4)whereas the T-helper cells

pressor cells during an attack, which points to deficient

function of suppressor cells; 5) the disorder is inherted

and the gene controlling this fysfunction is HLA-linked

 and probably dominate.

  2.J.Green, M.Montaser ,  HLA_haplotyp Discordance          Biometrics. 44, 941-950 , December (1989 ). ( USA )

Summery :Previous work on the inheritance of disease has often

used certain measures of HLA haplotype concordance ( such as the

 number of haplotypes " identical by descent," IBD ) among affected

siblings from each of a number sibships, each of which contains

at least two affected siblings. Here we interduce a a new measure of 

measure of HLAhaplotypes discordance betwen the affected and

 unafected siblings of each sibship ( provided that there is at least one

 at each). we show how the measure can be used to give a simple

test for inheritance which we examplify with data. 

    3.M.Hafez, M.Montaser, et al. Immunoneurogenetic

Aspects     Of  Idiopathic Epilepsy In Multicase Families.

The new Egyptian     Journal Of Medicine. Vol.6, No.5,

 pp.1644-1652, (1992). (Egypt)

 4.M.I.Hendi, A.Mashhour, and M.Montaser:Closure

 of the NBUC class under formation of Parallel system.

  J Appl. Prob. 30,    pp.975-978 (1993). ( UK )

Abstract                                                                                     The class of new better than  used in convex ordering

(NBUC ) is showen to be closed under formation of

parallel system with independent and identically

 distributed components.  (U.k)                              

 5. Hisham Al Nashawati and  M.Montaser: Investigation of 

        Primary and secondary Associations of HLA_Antigens 

with disease using the AID method. Biomedical Research. 5(2),

         pp.193-200 (1994).  India

6. M.I.Hendi, and M.Montaser: Shock models with HNRBUE 

  survivals.Journal Of The Egyptian Statistical Society.Vol.11,  pp.37-49. (1995). ( Egypt )

7.     M.Hendi, H.AL_Nashawati,M.Montaser, and I.A.Alwasel. :

An exact test for HNBUE CLASS OF LIFE DISTRIBUTIONS. Journal Of  Statistics AndComputional Simulation.Vol.60, pp.261-275.(1995). (UK)  


 This paper introduces an exact test for testing : F is exponential  against  is harmonic new better than used in expectation ( HNBUE ) or F is  harmonic new worse than used in expectation ( HNWUE ) on complete data.Selected critical  values are tabulated for size n =5(1)60. An asymptotic test is made available for large values of n. The standard normal table can be used for the above testing problem. Power of the test is estimated by simulation. The problem when right censored data is available is also handled. An example of 81 patients of melanoma disease demonstrated the practical application of the proposed test in medical Scences.  

8.     Mamdouh A.Montaser : Test For Harmonic new Renewal 

  Better Than Used In Expectation Class Of Life Distribution 

 Based on the Total Time on Test Transform  . Journal Of The Egyptian Statistical Society.Vol.17, No.1 , pp.28-38.(2001).


             Let  F  be a life distribution with survival function and finite mean   

The scaled total time on test transform is defined by and the properties of    for harmonic new renewal (worse) than used in expectation are investigated. Test statistics for testing exponentiality against harmonic

new new renewal better (worse) than used in expectation are proposed. The percentiles of these test statistics are tabulated for small samples

sizes. These tables can be used by reliability engineers to chick whether

a set of life data has the harmonic new renewal better than used property

or its dual. Powers of the tests are estimated by simulation. A set of real

data are used as an example to elucidate the use of the proposed test statistics for practical reliability analysis. 

9.  Mamdouh A.Montaser : Test For Harmonic new Renewal 

Better Than Used In Expectation Class Of Life Distribution Based On The  U- Test. Journal Of The

Egyptian Statistical Society. Vol.18, No.1 , pp.44-58. (2001). 

10. Reliabilty Equivalence of a Parrellel System with non-identical componenets. M.Montaser, and Ammar M.Sarhan.

Internatonal Mathematical Journal Forum,4, No.1, pp.18



Research Work Not Submitted for Consideration for Promotion: (Only to be

 mentioned without enclosing): 

A)      Papers Published Prior to Obtaining the Ph.D. (if any): 

1.      J.Green, M.Montaser, and Woodrow, J, C. (1986).

 The association of HLA linked genes with systemic

 lupus erythematosus. Ann.Hum.Genet.Vol.2 , ( 1986 ) 

2.    J.Green, M.Montaser,et al: Investigation of the associations

of a number of HLA_antigens with Psoiatic Arthritis. Statistics

 in  Medicine , Vol.7, pp.443-450 (1988)

 B)         Papers Extracted from Master’s or Ph.D. Theses  (if any): *

 1. On the rate of convergent estimation of a d.f. by

dependent observationsn in integrated mean square

error with weight function, x2. The fourteenth Annual

conference in statistics , Computer Science, Operation

Research And Mathematics, March, (1979). 

A)        Conferences: 

-   The International Conference for teaching Statistics and system information,

    Cairo, 20-21 / 7 /1994 G, Egypt – Attending.

-  The 21-th International Conference for Statistics & Computer Science

 and their applications, Cairo, 6-11/4/1996G, Egypt. – Attending.

-   The sixth meeting of Saudi Association for Mathematical Sciences held in

King Saud University Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 9-10 / 4 / 2001G – Attending.         

3) University and Community Service: 

-   Introduce statistical consultations in different scientific fields: Ecology,

Medical and Biological sciences,…. Etc. 

Hendi, M., Al-Nachawatti, H., Montasser, M., Alwasel, I. (1998). An

exact test for HNBUE class of life distributions. J. Stat.Comp. Sim. Vol. 60,

pp. 261-275.

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