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                                                                                                                King Saud University

                                                                                                                College of Languages and Translation

                                                                                                                P.O Box 87907     Riyadh 11652

                                                                                                                Saudi Arabia

                                                                                                                Phone: (01) 4679850


Samir M. T. Doukani


Personal                            Marital status : Married

Information                      Nationality : Algerian

                                           Age : 46

                                            Place of birth : Constantine ( ALGERIA )


Education                          1982-1984  Department of Modern Languages,  SALFORD University, The  United  Kingdom.

                                            Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics and Translation  (Arabic/ English/ Arabic)

                                            Title of Dissertation : The Communicative Approach to Syllabus Design in ESP.


         1979-1982    Department of English, University of ANNABA, Algeria. 

        Bachelor of Arts in English Literature.


Languages                           Arabic, English, and French.


Work experience                1988-2007  College of Languages and Translation, The Languages Unit, King Saud       University, RIYADH, Saudi Arabia.

                                            English Language Instructor.

                                            Courses taught :

                                            _ Intensive English language course for Pre-Medical students.

        _ English 102, 104, and 110 for the college of computer science students.

        _ English NAJM 131, 132, 133, and 134 for the colleges of health sciences students.


         1987-1988     Department of English, University of ANNABA, Algeria.

        English Language teacher.

        Subjects taught :

       _ Applied and Theoretical Linguistics.

       _ English for Specific Purposes.

      _ Scientific and Technical English. ( For Post-graduate students of Engineering )


Additional Activities        _1990- 1991  Assistant-coordinator in the intensive English language program for Pre-            medical students at King Saud University.

                                         _ Taught several ESL courses at The Community Services Center, and at the  Institute  of  Banking (IOB) in Riyadh from 1988 to the present time.  

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