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COURSE TITLE:               Research Methodology

COURSE NUMBER:         RHS 481

CREDIT HOURS:              2+0=2

COURSE INSTRUCTOR: Prof. Sami S. Al-Abdulwahab




            This course presents research in rehabilitation with its principles, classification and stages which is prerequisite for the advance of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

            They represent the selection of subjects, research design, group design and single case design, independent and dependent variables.

            Outcome measures in physical therapy how to use the multiple measures in assessing the outcome. Reliability and validity of the measures.

            The course presents data presentation and a review of the statistical tests, correlation and regression methods. The course also aims to train the students to use library for obtaining information for research projects and to follow the new trends in physical therapy and rehabilitation.

            Finally they will be trained on how to utilize the collected data from the literature and the clinical data in the research itself.



            On completion of this course, the students should be able to:

  1. Apply basic principles of scientific methods to physical therapy and rehabilitation.
  2. Able to analyze the outcome measures and decide on the statistical tests.
  3. Participate clinical research activities.
  4. Initiate research activities in the clinical atmosphere.
  5. Join actively to the clinical workshop and conferences.
  6. Read and interpret professional literature.
  7. Analyze the current and the new concepts in her profession.


  1. Introduction to principles of research in rehabilitation – Definition, classification, stages of research.
  2. Research design – selection of subjects, group design and single case experiments, dependent and independent variables.
  3. Outcome measures in Physical Therapy – Assessing the outcome measures.
  4. Interdisciplinary communication skills of the researcher.
  5. Review of statistical tests and correlation and regression methods.
  6. Library workshop for almost 5 weeks.
  7. Clinical workshop for almost 4 weeks.



      -  Lecture & discussion group

      - Reading materials, articles

      - Library workshop

      - Clinical workshop



     - Research project

     - Library and Clinical Workshop activities


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