Curriculum Vitae



Name: Badr El-din Ibrahim Mohamed Sofian

Work Address: 11451 Riyadh, P.O.Box 2460, Food and Agricultural Sciences,

                           King Saud University, Saudi Arabia.

Home Address: 12 Misr Lltamer, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.

Work Tel. : 966-1-4678932

Work Fax:  966-1-4673557

Cell phone: 966-500572948




Date and location of Birth: 24/12/1946, Cairo, Egypt.

Gender:  Male

Marital Status:  Married

Nationality:  Egyptian


Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics, 1991, Minofia University,  " Optimum Sampling Designs for Estimating truck Crops Production in A.R.E."

M. Sc. in Mathematical Statistics, 1980, Cairo University, "A Study on Test Procedures for Possible Changes in Parameters of Statistical Distribution."

Diploma in Statistics, 1976, Cairo University.

B. Sc. in Agricultural Science, 1968, Ain Shames University.


Staff member at Agricultural Economic Department , King Saud University. From 1987 till now.

Member of The World Bank Follow up and Project  Evaluation Unit for visibility and special studies. From 1984 till 1987.

 Member of The Egyptian team for monitoring and Evaluation of the World Bank Project for developing Sohag and Minofia governorates. From 1980 till 1984.

Training officer at  Agricultural Training Board, Ministry of Agriculture in Egypt. From 1978 till 1980.

Agricultural Statistician, Ministry of Agriculture in Egypt. From 1968 till 1978 (military service included 1968-1974).


Current Activities:  


      Language:  Fluent in Arabic and English (written and spoken).

      Computer knowledge: Dial with Mainframe Computers  and Personal Computers: Operating Systems, Windows, MsOffice, SAS, SPSS, EViews, Visual Basic Applications, and Fortran programming.

      Research and analytical tools:  Solving real problem, using Sampling Techniques and Econometric tools to achieve research objectives.

Publications and Academic Activities:

·        Several articles (Arabic manuscript) in different areas:

§         Agricultural Marketing.

§         Agricultural Finance.

§         Agricultural Risk Analysis.

§         Live Stock  and Range Farming.    

§         The Statistician in two Studies:  1) The Impacts in Saudi Agriculture sector when it joined World Tread  Organization. 2) A twenty year strategic plan for Saudi Agriculture.

·        Several articles (English manuscript):

§        "On b-Content Tolerance Limits for The Balanced Random One-Way Model", Proceed. ICCS-III Rabat, Morocco, August 1992. (Joint paper with Dr. Mohamed M. T. Limam)

§        "Testing for Returns to Scale in Dairy Farms in Saudi Arabia", Journal of King Saud University, Vol. (7), Agricultural Sciences (1), 1414 H. (Joint paper with Dr. Mohammad H. Al. Qunaibet, and Dr. Mohamed Limam)

§        "Estimating preference change in meat demand in Saudi Arabia", Agricultural Economics 12 (1995). (Joint paper with Dr. Safer H. Al-Kahtani)

§        "A Modification Rule on Selection of The Ridge Parameter", The Egyptian Statistical Journal, Vol. (40) No. 1, 1996. (Joint paper with Dr. Sayed M. El-Sayed)

§        "The Ranking Method for measuring a Specific Farm Technical Inefficincy", Bulletin of Faculty of Agriculture, University of Cairo Vol. 48 No. 2, April 1997. (Joint paper with Dr. S. H. Al-Kahtani)

§        "Wheat production in Saudi Arabia between feasibility and efficiency", Agricultural Economics 16 (1997). (Joint paper with Dr. K. A. Al-Hamoudi, and Dr. Sherin A. Sherif)

§        "Eliciting the Least-Risky Pesticide Production Plans for Greenhouse-Tomato Varieties: A Risk Programming Application to Saudi Growers", Dirasat, Agricultural Sciences Volume 25, No. 1, 1998. (Joint paper with Dr. Basem A. Al-Ibrahim, and Dr. Sherin A. Sherif)

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