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Subjects taught :

Cell  Physiology   and   Transport   Across     the      Cell-Membrane , Body   Fluid Compartments and Electrolytes , Nerve  and  Muscle  Physiology ,  Haematology  ,      The Autonomic  Nervous  System    ,       The     Cardiovascular System ,  The  Respiratory    System  ,        Gastrointestinal Physiology , Renal  Physiology ,  Acid-Base      Regulation, Endocrine Physiology , Reproductive     Physiology ,    Body Temperature  Regulation  ,     Nutrition  ,     The    Central Nervous   System  and  Special  Senses .

 Teaching methods included lectures,   practical classes, tutorial  sessions and seminars . 

And teaching relevant Clinical Physiology topics to postgraduate Medical Practitioners  studying  towards the  following Diplomas In Khartoum University Postgraduate Centre

(1)Medicine (2) Surgery (3) Anaesthesia (4) Obstetrics and Gynaecology (5) Paediatrics

 From 1987 to  2002 Assistant Professor and,  From  2002 to date , Associate Professor in the College of Medicine , Riyadh, KSA , teaching  General Physiology courses to :

 A/ Undergraduate students in the following Colleges of King  Saud University:

                         (1) Medicine


                         (3) Pharmacy

                         (4) College of Allied Medical Sciences 

        Undergraduate Courses Taught ( By Rotation ) : Cell     Physiology and Transport  across   Cell-Membrane ,   Body  Fluids        and

Electrolyte Balance , Haematology  and   Immunity ,    Autonomic

Nervous  System , Physiology of Excitable Tissues  (   Nerve     and

Muscle )  , The  Heart  and  Circulation  ,  Respiratory  Physiology,

Renal  Physiology ,  Blood Acid-Base regulation ,  Gastrointestinal

Physiology ,  Endocrine  Physiology  ,  Reproductive    Physiology,

Hypothalamus and Body Temperature  Regulation , The   Central

Nervous System and Special Senses .



          Teaching methods :  lectures , problem-based learning ( PBL)  in tutorials , practical classes ,  and  Seminars.

          Emphasis  is placed upon active participation by students .



B/ Teaching Courses to Medical Practitioners studying toward The  Saudi Board of Medicine

       Fellowships  in :

(1)  Neurology  ( Cellular and Electrical Basis  of Corical Potentials , EEG and the Mechanism of Epilepsy, Seizures and Pseudoseizures, Memory Mechanisms and Dementia,  Sleep and sleep  Disorders,   Control of Fine  and Skilled   Movement, Brainstem  Mechanisms  and  Brainstem   Syndromes, Extrapyramidal  Mechanisms   and   Movement   Disorders, Neurophysiology of Pain,  The  Neural Substrates of Language , Aphasia , Aphonia and Dysarthria , Cerebral Circulation and Metabolism ,  Physiology of  Nerve ,  muscle

and  Neuromuscular  Transmission ,  EMG   and     Nerve

                 Conduction Studies )


(2)Anaesthesia      (The  Heart    and Circulation ,    Haemorrhage

and   Shock ,  The   Coronary    Circulation ,    The Pulmonary

Circulation ,  The   Cerebral   Circulation ,  The           Reticular

Activating   System  ,  Physiology   of    Consciousness       and

Arousal , Coma , Brain Death )


(3)  Obstetrics and Gynaecology  (  Female  Puberty ,    Hormones

and The  Menstrual  Cycle ,  Physiology  of  Pregnancy    and

Parturition ) .


(4) Psychiatry   (Behavioural   Neurophysiology   and     Neuro-

psychiatry:   The  Human  Right  and Left  Brains ,  Presumed

Strucural  Basis  for  Schizophrenia  ,  Reappraisal  of  Studies

Claiming  Strucural  Differences  Between  Male  and  Female

Brains ,   The Neural  Substrates  of  Working Memory     and

Reasoning  ,  Psychosis  Associated  With   some    Epileptic

Syndromes,  Hysterical and  other  Non-epileptic  Seizures  ,

The Place of EEG in Psychiatry


(4) Ophthalmic Medicine ( Visual Pathway , Colour Vision

Visual Evoked Potentials )


(5) ENT ( Physiology of Hearing, Brainstem  Evoked

Potentials )


(6) Maxillofacial Surgery ( Cranial Nerves, Clinical Testing   ,

Electrodiagnostic Tests for the Facial, Trigeminal, Hypoglossal,

Accessory and Vestibulocochlear Nerves).


C/ Clinical   Electroencephalography    Training     Program  For

Technologists , King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre.

( Sponsered by The Saudi Council for Health Specialities).


D/ Taking part in Teaching  Msc. And PhD Physiology Students by Course, CFollege of Medicine , Riyadh .


F/ External Examiner for Msc in Rehabilitation Medicine. College of Applied Medical Sciences .


G/  Peer Reviewer for The Saudi Medical Journal .


H/ Peer Reviewer for The Neurosciences Journal.


H/ Peer  Reviewer for  The  Saudi  Journal  of  Sports Medicine .





(1) Sudan Medical Association

(2) Sudanese Society of Physiologists

(3) African Society of Physiologists

(4) Riyadh Neurosciences  Club, Saudi Arabia

(5)Saudi Chapter of Epilepsy  (A  member of the International League

     Against Epilepsy , ILAE)   

(6) The Pan-Arab Association of Epilepsy

(7) The American-Arab Society of Epilepsy

(8) Sudan Society of Neurosciences

(9) The American Association of Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine (AANEM)

(10) The International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology (IFCN)

(11 ) World Congress of Neurology .

(12)The Medical Advisery  Committee for the Saudi Board of Neurophysiology .

(13) Saudi Association of Sport Medicine .

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