Research Abstracts

Prof. Sobhy Mohamed Ismaiel

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The Impact of Governmental Support on the Allocation of Broilers projects in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

The Structures of Existing and projected Demand for Imports of Red Meat to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. ----------------

Fertilizers Utilization and their Effect on Saudi Arabia’s Agricultural Production.

The Imports of Red Meat and It’s Dynamic Response to Major Factors affecting it in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.TT

The Effect of Soil Fertility on the Optimum Fertilization level: An   Application  on Mixican Wheat and Nitrogen in ARE. 

Farm Factors and their Effect on Wheat Productivity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Food Expenditure Patterns for Saudies and Resident Foreigners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Optimum Distribution  of Dairy Products in Saudi Arabia Using the Transportation Model.

Food Integration Potential for the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries.

The Impact of Government Policies on Sugar Imports to Saudi Arabia.

Analysis of Consumer Behavior in Supermarkets in Riyadh , Saudi Arabia.

The Effect of Managerial Efficiency on Tomato Production in Air_conditioned Green-Houses in Riyadh and Kharj Areas.

The Impact of the Characteristics of the Tomato Air- Conditioned Grean –Houses Projects on the Production Performance in Riyadh and Kharj Area.

The Prodction  and Marketing Problems Facing Vegetable Production from Green-Houses Projects in thr Riyadh and Kharj Areas. 

The Response of Protected Tomato Producers to Market Condition Changes in Riyadh Region in Saudi Arabia. 

Cost and Returns of Forage Production in the Centeral Region of Saudi Arabia.

The optimum Transportation Disribution Plans for the Saudi Fisheries Company.

Economic Analysis of Import Demand for Poultry Meat in the G.C.C Countries.

The Analysis of Agricultural Credit System Performance in Saudi Arabia

Vertical Coordination in the Marketing System of Fruit and Vegetables in Saudi Arabia: Motivations, Existing Situation and Potentialities. 

The Current Status of Farm Mechanization in Cereal Crops in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Analysis of Costs and Performance of Farm Mechnization for Cereal Crops in Riyadh Region.

Economic Analysis for Differences in Date Consumption Pattern Among Riyadh and Quasim in K.S.A. 

The Distribution of Food Consumption in Relation to Price and Distribution Policies in the Urban and Rural Areas of Egypt. 

Importance of Rationed Quantities of Subsiidized Food Commodities in Relation to Income and Family Size.

Utilization Patterns for Subsidized Food Commodities in Egypt. 

Economic Analysis of Saudi Imports of Egyptian Orange.

The Economic Effects of Major Variables on the Production and Consumption of Eggs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Transportation Model of Broilers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Development of the Consumption of Vegetable oils in Relation to Food Subsidy in Egypt.

 Estimating Per Capita Consumption for Local Sheep Meat in Riyadh City.

Optimal Transportation and Storage Models of Important Vegetables Crops in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Marketing Costs and Profitability Measures Analysis of Fruits and Vegetables in Retailing in Riyadh.

The Current Status of Farm Mechnization in Cereal Crops in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Mechnization for creal Crops in Riyadh Region.

Econometric Analysis for Food Consumption Expenditur Function in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Economic Analysis of Structure and Performance of Dates Retailing Outlets in Riyadh Region

Agronomic and Economic Evaluation of Different Cotton Rotations Applied in Middle Egypt.

Area Response Models of Vegetable Crops in A.R.E Through A Systems Approach.

The Marketing Channels of Chicken in Giza Governorate

An Economic Analysis of the Factors Affecting The Production and Consumption of Poultry in A.R.E.

Agricultural Marketing in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Existing Situation, Problems and Solutions.

The Cost of Production Structure for Sukkari Dates in Quasim Region