The following presenations are samples of statistical presentations made by myself.

 Statistical Presentations 2

Fitted Mininmax Designs.pptFitted Mininmax Designsعبدالله عبدالكريم محمد الشيحه
Testing Spherical Symmetry of a Bivariate.pptTesting Spherical Symmetry of a Bivariateعبدالله عبدالكريم محمد الشيحه
حول الإحصاء وتطبيقاته.pptحول الإحصاء وتطبيقاتهعبدالله عبدالكريم محمد الشيحه
Roubst analysis for nonreplicated factorials.pptRoubst analysis for nonreplicated factorialsعبدالله عبدالكريم محمد الشيحه

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