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List of Publications

1.                M.A. Qureshi, (Accepted) “A note on net-convergence in a fuzzy neighborhood space” Riazi Journal of Karachi Math. Ass. Volume26, 2007. 

2.                M.A. Qureshi, (Under preparation) A note on tensor products of Near Rings.

3.                M.A. Qureshi, “I-Neighborhood Net Convergence Spaces” Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences Vol. 3, No. 1, 35-38, 2007.

4.                M.A.Qureshi, “On I-Neighborhood Sequential Convergence Spaces”, Journal of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences, Vol.26,No.1, 97-102, 2002.

5.                M.A.Qureshi & T.M.G.Ahsanullah, “Compactness and Some Characterizations of Fuzzy Neighborhood Algebraic Structures” The Journal of Fuzzy Math. Vol.4, 815-828, 1996. International Fuzzy Mathematics Institute, Los Angeless, US.

6.                M.A.Qureshi, “Some Uses of localized Normalization theorems” Tamkang, J. Math. Vol. 20, 4 (winter 1988). 

7.                M.A.Qureshi, “Localized Normalization theorems”  Tamkang, J. Math.Vol. 18, 2(1987) 1-5.

8.                M.A.Qureshi,“A dimension formula for the tensor products of infinite family of field extensions” Riazi Journal of Karachi Math. Ass. 4(1983), 27-33.

9.                M.A.Qureshi, “A dimension formula for the tensor products of fields” Riazi, Journal of Karachi Math. Ass. 4(1982), 37-41.

10.             L.O’Carroll & M.A. Qureshi, “Primary rings and tensor products of algebras” Math.Proc. Camb. Phil. Soc. (1982), 92, 41-48.

11.             L.O’Carroll & M.A.Qureshi, “On the tensor products of fields and  Algebraic Correspondences” Quart.J.Math.Oxford(2)34(1983), 211-221



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