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M-140 : Precalculus


Course Contents: Linear Equations & Applications, Linear inequalities, Absolute values in equation and inequalities, Complex numbers, Quadratic equations and applications. Cartesian coordinate system, Equation of line, Linear equations and models. Functions, graphing functions, Quadratic functions, operation on functions, Polynomials and rational functions, Exponential & logarithmic functions.


 Required text book :

Precalcalculus : Functions and Graphs (Mc Graw  Hill), 6 th Edition by Raymond A. Barnett, Michael R. Ziegler and Karl E. Byleen.  http://


Chapter 1 :           Linear  Equation and Applications

 Including the definition of the algebraic equations, domain, difference between the expressions and equation, set of solution and solution, identity         equations and conditionally ones, linear equations, solutions of equations, solution of word problems based on the strategy given in the book and using different word problem.

Chapter 2 :          Linear Inequalities 

 In this section, we concentrate on understanding inequality relations and interval notation,  solutions of linear inequalities, applications to chemistry.

 Chapter 3:           Absolute Value in equations and

In this section: Relating absolute value and distance, solving absolute
value equations and inequalities, using absolute value to solve radical inequalities.

 Chapter 4:           Complex Numbers

 Understanding complex number terminology, performing operation, solving equations involving complex numbers.

Chapter 5:           Quadratic equations and applications

 Using factoring to solve QE, using the square rot property to solve Q.E., using completing the square  to solve Q.E., Solving applications involving Q.E.

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