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Name:                         Muhammad Asif Qureshi

Date of Birth:             18-01-1947

Contact No.:               Res:00-966-1-4682339





Address:                     P.O. 2544, Riyadh 11451, Riyadh. Saudi Arabia.

Academic Qualifications:          

            M.Sc.          First Class First  Position        1970       University of Karachi.Pakistan       

           M. Phil         Theory of Sumability           1978        University of Karachi.Pakistan

            Ph.D.         Commutative Algebra           1981       University of Edinburgh U.K.


Service Record(TeachingExperience):

      1. Lecturer in Mathematics. Govt.Degree College Nawabshah.Pakistan(1971-72) 

     2. Lecturer in Mathematics. Govt. Adamjee Science College Karachi.Pakistan


     3. Lecturer in Mathematics. Department of Mathematics. University of Karachi  

         Pakistan  (1974-1978

     4. Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematic. University of Karachi.


      5. Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics,King Saud University

          Riyadh. Saudi Arabia.(1985-todate)


List of Publications

1.                M.A. Qureshi, “A note on net-convergence in a fuzzy neighborhood space”Accepted  for publication in Riazi the Journal of Karachi Math.Ass. Volume 26, 2007.

2.                M.A. Qureshi, (Under preparation) A note on tensor products of Near Rings.

3.                M.A. Qureshi, “I-Neighborhood Net Convergence Spaces” Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences Vol. 3, No. 1, 35-38, 2007.

4.                M.A.Qureshi, “On I-Neighborhood Sequential Convergence Spaces”, Journal of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences, Vol.26,No.1, 97-102, 2002.

5.                M.A.Qureshi & T.M.G.Ahsanullah, “Compactness and Some Characterizations of Fuzzy Neighborhood Algebraic Structures” The Journal of Fuzzy Math. Vol.4, 815-828, 1996. International Fuzzy Mathematics Institute, Los Angeless, US.

6.                M.A.Qureshi, “Some Uses of localized Normalization theorems” Tamkang, J. Math. Vol. 20, 4 (winter 1988). 

7.                M.A.Qureshi, “Localized Normalization theorems”  Tamkang, J. Math.Vol. 18, 2(1987) 1-5.

8.                M.A.Qureshi,“A dimension formula for the tensor products of infinite family of field extensions” Riazi Journal of Karachi Math. Ass. 4(1983), 27-33.

9.                M.A.Qureshi, “A dimension formula for the tensor products of fields” Riazi, Journal of Karachi Math. Ass. 4(1982), 37-41.

10.             L.O’Carroll & M.A. Qureshi, “Primary rings and tensor products of algebras” Math.Proc. Camb. Phil. Soc. (1982), 92, 41-48.

11.             L.O’Carroll & M.A.Qureshi, “On the tensor products of fields and  Algebraic Correspondences” Quart.J.Math.Oxford(2)34(1983), 211-221

 Books Published:

1.         A Dictionary of Mathematical Terms (For Urdu Users). Published by

            Government of Pakistan in 1984

(Dr. Nazim Zaidi. Dr. M. Asif Qureshi. Rashid Kamal Ansari)

2.         Ideological Teaching of Mathematical Subjects. Published by Institute

of Policy Studies, Islamabad, Pakistan.

List of Conferences attended:

1. International Mathematical Conference organized by KMA in Karachi,

    Pakistan (1976).

2. British Mathematical Colloquium held in London, UK(1979).                      

3. British Mathematical Colloquium held in Sheffield, UK (1980).

4. International Conference on Commutative Algebra held in Durham, UK (1981).

    I also presented my paper on the Transcendental Nullstellensatz.

5. All Pakistan Mathematical Conference held in Karachi, Pakistan (1982). I also

    presented my paper on the dimension formula of the tensor products of fields.

6. All Pakistan Urdu Science Conference held in Peshawar, Pakistan(1984).

    Presented paper on the Localized Normalized theorems.

7. Participated all SMATH conferences held in Riyadh.

Courses Taught during last 32 years

            1.                                 Commutative Ring Theory                     (M.Sc. levels)     

            2.                                 Galois Theory.                                      (M.Sc. levels)

            3.                                 Rings and Fields                                   (M.Sc. levels)

            4.                                 Group theory                                        (M.Sc. Levels) 

            5.                                 Mathematical Statistics                           (M.Sc. levels)

            6.                                  Real Analysis                                         (M.Sc. Level)

            7.                                 Complex Analysis                                   (M.Sc. level)

            8.                                 Point Set Topology                              (Under graduare)

            9.                                 Linear Algebra                                     (Under graduate)

           10.                                Matrix Algebra                                      (Under raduate) 

           11.                                Differential Equations for Eng. Students                     

                                                                                            (Under graduate)12.                               Differential Equations for Eng. Students

                                                                                             (Under graduate)

            13.                               Differential & Integral Calculus (Under graduate)

for Eng. Students

            14.                               Mathematics for Pharmacy                    (Under graduate)


            15.                               Algebra and analytic Geometry             (Under graduate)

            16.                               Integral Calculus                                   (Under graduate)

            17.                               Differential Calculus                              (Under graduate)












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