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Student should be able to answer questions about clinically related materials and treatment planning.  They should also be able to explain technical and mechanical related factors for success and failure at crown and bridge work.


Q:  How can you deal with mesially tilted molar abutment?

A:       - Uprighting orthodontically

- Mesial half crown

- Telescopic crown

Q:  Define Color attributes.

A:       - Hue

- Chroma,

- Value

Q:  What are the indications for resin bonded bridges?

A:       - In area where occlusal forces is minimal e.g.

- Missing upper laterals

- Missing lower central incisors

Q:  What is / are the basic unit/s of retention for single crown?

A:       - Parallel walls with maximum 6° - 10° tilt.

- Grooves

- Long preparation 

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