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أسئلة شائعة

Course Director of SDS 432 (F)

 اسم المقرر             : الاستعاضه الثابته (2)

رقم ورمز المقرر     : ٤٣٢ ماس

 عدد وحداته الدراسيه: ٢ساعتان

المتطلبات السابقه    : ٤٣١ ماس

 SDS 432 – Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics II


SDS 432 is a clinical course that has one clinical session (3 hours) per week during the academic year. The clinic of this course is merged with that of the DEN491 Comprehensive Clinical Dentistry.


 Download SDS 432 Course Syllabus


Course Contributor of SDS 331 Lab

  اسم المقرر            : مقدمة في الاستعاضة الثابتة.

رقم ورمز المقرر     : ٣٣۱ ماس

عدد وحداته الدراسية: ٦ساعات

المتطلبات السابقة    : ٢١٢ ماس 


SDS 331 – Introduction to Fixed Prosthodontics


            The course represents the orientation phase to the discipline of fixed prosthodontics (FP). It provides a structured framework for the students to learn the scientific basis and the fundamental principles of FP.

It prepares the student for the practice of sound clinical FP through a patient simulation phase of mechanical and technical procedures.

 Download the SDS 331 Course Syllabus


Course Contributor of DEN 491 Clinic

 DEN 491 – Comprehensive Clinical Dentistry


           The course is designed to cover all clinical disciplines in dentistry. It is offered to the fifth year students and consists of one lecture and four clinical sessions per week through out the academic year.

This is a conjoint course by the four dental departments where contributors from all dental disciplines participate in both in the lecture and clinical sessions.

 A one-week Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) course is given by the College of Medicine.

 Download the DEN 491 Course Syllabus

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