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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


A:   Teaching  The  Following  Courses


1.Fluid Mechanics Laboratory , ME 382.

2.Heat Transfer Laboratory, ME 373.


B:  Assisting   in   Teaching   the   Following  Courses


1. Basics of Engineering Drawing, GE 104.

2. Mechanical Engineering Drawing and Graphics ME 203.

3. Mechanical installation, (for Architectural students) ME 339.

4. Statics GE201

5.Dynamics , GE202.

6.Thermodynamics-1 , ME 371

7.Thermodynamics-2 , ME 372

8. Instrument Measurement ME302

9.Fluid Mechanics-1, ME381

10.Fluid Mechanics-2, ME382

11.Heat Transfer , ME373.

12.Refrigeration and Air Conditioning , ME441.

13. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems, ME442.

14.Solar Energy, ME 422.

15.Power Plant and Distillation , ME471.

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