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Curriculum Vitea 


Personal Profile 

v Name: Mutasim Ibrahim Khalil

v Date of Birth:  May – 21st  1946

v Specialization: Chemistry

v Status: Professor, Chemistry Department, King Saud University.

v Marital Status: Married with six children.

v Address: Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, KSU

                     P.O. Box: 2455 , Riyadh 11451



1.  B.Sc Honors, First class, Khartoum University, 1967.

2.  M.Sc. Degree, Khartoum University, 1969.

3.  Ph.D. Degree, Nottingham University, 1972.

4.  International Training Course on Occupational and Environmental safety in the utilization of radioactive materials, School of Public Health, Harvard University, Boston, Mass, USA, 1977.

5.  Training Course in the field of Analytical Nuclear physics, Mossbauer Spectroscopy, at the Nuclear Research Centre, Demokritos, Athens, Greece, 1980. 

Posts & Career Positions 

1.  Prof. of Chemistry, king Saud University, 1997 – up-to-Date.

2.  Associate Prof. of Chemistry, King Saud University, 1983 – 1997.

3.  Associate Prof. of Chemistry, Khartoum University 1982 – 1983.

4.  Associate Prof. of chemistry, Gar Younis University, Libya, 1980 – 1982.

5.  Associate Prof. of Chemistry, Khartoum University, 1978 – 1980.

6.  Assistant Prof. of Chemistry, Khartoum University, 1972 – 1978.

7.  Ph.D. Scholar, British Council scholar, Nottingham University, 1969 – 1972.

8.  Demonstrator and M.Sc. Scholar, Khartoum University, 1967 – 1969.

9.  Cement Industry Chemist, White Nile Cement Factory. Rabak, Sudan, April 1967 – Oct. 1967. 


1.   M.Sc. Scholar, Khartoum University, 1967 – 1969.

2.   Ph.D. Scholar, British Council, Nottingham University, 1969 – 1972.

3.   International Atomic Energy Agency Fellowship, Athens, Demokriton, Nuclear Research Centre, 1980.

4.   International Atomic Energy Agency Fellowship, Harvard University, Boston, USA, 1977.

5.   Sabbatical Leave, Nottingham University,  


1.  Khartoum University Prize in Chemistry, 1967. 

Affiliations & Memberships 

1.  Member of the Saudi Chemistry Society (MSCS).

2.  Member of the American chemistry Society (MACS).

3.  Member of the Royal society of Chemistry ( MRCS).

4.  Member of the American Association for Advanced Sciences (MAAAS).

5.  Member of the Nonaqueous Chemistry Group.


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v   I have written and translated several books, (please see C.V. Arabic version). 

Scientific Articles  

v   I have published several scientific articles in Arabic, (please see C.V. Arabic version). 

Academic Activities 

v Conferences & Forums:

·        I have attended several Conferences and Forums in Chemistry held locally and aboard (Details are available if required).

v Supervision of Academic degrees:

·        I have supervised several M.Sc.  Ph.D. Students research projects at Khartoum & King Saud Universities. I am supervising one Ph.D. & one M.Sc. student at present ,( please see C.V. Arabic Version).

v Other Activities:

·        Member of the teaching load committee at the chemistry department at KSU.

·        Chairman of the detergents specifications committee at Saudi Arabia Standards Organization.

·        Referee of some Chemistry Journals Articles, Research projects and translated books.

v Present Research Activities & Interests:

·        Metal Oxides nanoparticles.

·        Curcumin derivatives & complexes.

·        Mossbauer spectroscopy of iron & tin.

·        Chemistry of Algae.

·        Alloys. 


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