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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


Dr. Abdullah AL Abdulkareem


 Personal Information:

    Name: Abdullah AL Abdulkareem

     Nationality: Saudi Arabia

     Marital Status: Married

     Date of Birth: 8/Dec/1961

               Assistant Professor of Orientalism

               Dept.of Islamic Studies

               College of Education

               King Saud University

               Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

               Tel: 01-4674748 




      1996 - 2001            Lancaster University         Lancaster


       1994 - 1995            Lancaster University         Lancaster

        M.A./Religious Studies

        B.A./Islamic Studies

       1982 - 1986             King Saud University         Riyadh


  Teaching experience:

       2002 - To Date         King Saud University         Riyadh

       Assistant Professor

       Teacher of Islam and West,Orienllism,Western Christian evaluation

       1986 - 1992             King saud University         Riyadh


       Teacher of Islamic Culture


 Research Works:

   1- On Translating the Qur'an: The Christian Perspective, Journal of

        Offshoot,Vol 4,N 2, 2002.


   2- Christian Perspective of the Origins of Qur'an: An Examination of

        Cragg's Interpretation,Journal of Qur'anic Studies,SOAS,University

        of London.

   3- Egocentric or Scientific:The Christian Perspective of the

        Qur'an?,Journal of Qur'anic Research and Studies, Vol 1,2006.


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