Mohammad Alhasan Abdullah Ismael


Department of Biochemistry
P.O.Box 2455, Riyadh 11451
E-mail address: mdismael@hotmail.com
Phone: (966)509173274
Office: (966)14677826

I am interested in the influence of oxidative stress on an organism on proteomic and cellular levels, protein purification and enzymology.

Technical Skills:

  • Variety of protein purification techniques;
  • Kinetics of enzymatic reactions;

  • Ligand binding assays; determination of Kd and KI;

  • Native and SDS-PAGE, immunoelectrophoresis; western blot

  • Molecular biology experience: site directed mutagenesis; Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR); recombinant gene expression; Southern blot

  • Extensive experience in spectroscopy: UV-VIS, Atomic absorption, Fluorescence, EPR.


Computer skills:
Microsoft Word, Excel, Origin, GraFit, Prism, Mathematica.

   1983  BSc, Department of Biochemistry; King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Member of Saudi Chemical Society.


1984-present:  Research technician position at Biochemistry Department, King Saud University.  

  • Teaching practical courses at Biochemistry Department

  • Purified and studied the physical chemistry of camel lens crystallins.

  • Purified and studied the kinetic properties of pearl millet nitrate reductase.

  • Performed studies on the influence of salinity nitrate assimilation on plants.

  • Performed studies on the effect of aluminum on plant nitrogen assimilation enzymes.

  • Purified and studied the kinetic properties of malic enzyme from pearl millet seedlings.

  • Purified and studied the kinetic properties of date palm peroxidase.

  • Performed studies on the influence of oxidative stress on asthma patients.



1.      Osman, M. A.; Ismael, M. A.; Abdulrahman, I, E.; Reid, P. and Weber, C. W. Purification and some properties of trypsin and chymotrypsin inhibitor from tepary bean seeds prolamine fraction. J. Saudi Soc. for Food and Nutrition, 2(2); 47-57 (2007).


2.      Ali S Duhaiman and M. H. Ismael. Age-dependant variations in the Camel lens crystallins. Comp. Biochem. Physiol. 97B (1); 209 – 214 (1990).


3.      Majed S. Alokail and Mohaammad A. Ismael. Thermostable characteristics of peroxidase from leaves of Arabian Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.). Saudi J. Biol. Sci. 12 (1) 25-32 (2005).


4.      Technical assistance was acknowledged in other 10 cited papers.


Practical Courses:

1.      BCH 101

2.      BCH 284

3.      BCH 435

4.      BCH 499

5.      BCH 530