BCH 284


( Practical Course )

Table of contents:

1.     Determination of total acidity and volatile acids in vinegars.

2.     Analysis of fruit juices - I

3.     Analysis of fruit juices – II

4.     Determination of moisture and sucrose in bee honey.

5.     Determination of proteins in milk and milk products.

6.     Detection of adulteration of milk.

7.     Methods of sampling for the physical and chemical analysis of fats and oils.

8.     Determination of the specific gravity of fats and oils.

9.     Determination of refractive index of fats and oils.

10. Rancidity test- determination of peroxide value and Kreis-Kerr test.

11. Qualitative tests on fats and oils.

12. Determination of acid value and saponification value of fats and oils.

13. Determination of iodine number.

14. Determination of Reichert, Polenske and Kirschner values.