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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

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King Saud University


King Saud University seeks to become a leader in educational and technological innovation, scientific discovery and creativity through fostering an atmosphere of intellectual inspiration and partnership for the prosperity of society.


King Saud University aspires to meet the educational and development needs of society by providing high-quality academic programs, pioneering innovative research and creative articulation, and through active involvement in the community for the prosperous cultural and economic development of the country.



  • To provide initiative-based education that promotes the highest intellectual and academic standards
  • To provide confident and ambitious graduates, well-equipped to advance the welfare of the society
  • To foster an accommodating environment for skilful, professional, and serious faculty
  • To achieve the reputation and recognition of being a valued teaching and research institution
  • To enhance the well-being of society, its unity, and social and cultural values
  • To become the choice for businesses, industries and professions seeking cooperation that serves the economical prosperity of the nation
  • To uphold a productive academic environment that cultivates excellence, diversity, respect, and willingness to change.


King Saud University has always dedicated itself to the values of the academic environment that facilitates intellectual growth through open and honest expression. It is committed to excellence at all levels of the educational experience, to the promotion of students’ development and potentials to make rational and discriminating judgments that respect differences and diversities. Devoted to lifelong learning which perpetuates edifying intellectual engagement, KSU plays a vital role in the life of the surrounding community, society at large, and the economic development. These values include:-


KSU students, faculty, and staff are proud of their Islamic values, heritage and culture


KSU remains committed to the highest intellectual standards in teaching and learning, research and professional activities.


Innovation and Scope of Vision

KSU shall actively encourage the pursuit of new knowledge and prepare students well enough to inspire credence wherever they may happen to be.

Fairness and Integrity

KSU is committed to the principles of social justice, equal opportunity and cultural diversity. Members of KSU community hold themselves to the highest standards of honesty, fairness, and professional and scholarly ethics.

Freedom of Inquiry

Rigorous and honest intellectual inquiry is fundamental to KSU’s academic traditions, and is reflected in its output of research, scholarship, education, and management.


KSU is committed to contributing to improvements in the quality of the life of people in the Kingdom and to achieving environmental, economic, and social livelihood.

KSU is committed to contributing to improvements in the quality of the life of people in the Kingdom and to achieving environmental, economic, and social livelihood.

Mutual Respect and Collegiality

KSU is committed to the exchange of ideas and information in an atmosphere of respect for varied points of view and diverse backgrounds.

Lifelong Learning

KSU is committed to lifelong learning inside and outside the university community, enhancing continued intellectual growth and welfare of the society.


KSU is committed to promoting leadership roles that uphold professionalism, responsibility and innovation.


KSU measures its stand according to challenging standards, honoring high ambitions and achievements, and pursuit of excellence.

 FACTS AND FIGURES (2007-8 academic year)

  • Founded 1957 as Riyadh University
  • Renamed King Saud University in 1982
  • Number of Undergraduate Students: 53,756
  • Number of Postgraduate Students: 6,515
  • Number of International Students: 1,058
  • Number of Faculty Staff: 5,502
  • Number of International Faculty 1,642

Recruitment of PhDs holder


  • 1. Stepping up research and development in the Kingdom by attracting world-class scholars.
  • 2. Activating the University’s role in order to help transform the Kingdom’s economy into a knowledge-based one.
  • 3.Proceeding from the vision of King Saud University strategy to support and develop scientific research and build cooperation and global partnership in research and development, hosting the University God number of scientists and postdoctoral graduate from highly cited university.


  • In the context of implementing its strategic vision toward strengthening and promoting scientific research as well as building international partnership in the field of research and development, King Saud University intends to recruited this year no of scientist graduates from European and American universities.


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تعلن جامعة الملك سعود عن رغبتها للتعاقد مع حملة درجة الدكتوراة  المتميزين فى تخصصات

الهندسة والتكنولوجيا الحيويه وعلوم الحاسب وادارة الاعمال


§        دكتوراة من جامعات اوربا أو امريكا

§        خبرة فى التدريس و الابحاث 



§        رواتب مغريه

§        تذاكر سفر سنوية

§        بدل سكن وبدلات اخرى

ترسل طلبات التعين وشهادات الخبرة على البريد الالكترونى:




King Saud University at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia invites distinguished PhD holders in the fields of

Engineering, Biotechnology, Computer Sciences and

Business Administration to join the distinguished departments as University Staff 


 PhDs from universities in Europe or USA
 Experience both in teaching and research



§  Attractive salary

§  Yearly round trip air travel

§  Housing and other allowances


Please send your application and CV to:

For more information please visit


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