King Saud University  --- Faculty of Sciences – Dept. of Mathematics

                   Teaching courses from 1403-1430H (1982-2009)

1)       (102M) Introduction to Integral Calculus .

2)      (101M) Introduction to Differential Calculus .

3)       (103M)General Mathematics (I) .

4)      (104M) General Mathematics (II) .

5)      (105M) Differential Calculus (For engineering students.)

6)      (107M) Vectors and Matrices (For engineering students.)

7)      (201M) Differential and Integral Calculus .

8)      (203M) Differential and Integral Calculus (For engineering students.)

9)      (204M) Differential Equations (For engineering students.)

10)(224M) Introduction to Differential Equations.

11)(282M) Real Analysis (I)

12)(321M) Differential Equations (I) (old system.)

13)(384M) Real Analysis (II) .

14)(385M) Complex Analysis (I) .

15) (423M) ) Introduction to Partial Differential Equations.

16)(482M) Analysis in Several Variables .

17)(499M) Research Project .

18)(522M) Distribution Theory and its applications in Partial Differential Equations. (For Higher Studies )

19)(580M) Measure Theory .( For Higher Studies )

20) (202M) Vector calculus .

Academic activities :

1)      Superviser of Ms.c. thesis (1403-1404H)

2)      Examination of Ms.c thesis , Girls College (Dammam ) (1424-1425H)

3)      Examination of Ms.c thesis, , Girls College (King Saud University ) 1427-1428H)

4)      Examination of Ms.c thesis, Girls College (King Saud University ) 1429-1430H)

Administrative activities during my job in the department :

1)      Co-0rdinator the course (102M.) during 20 years .

2)      Chairman of Analysis and Differential equations committee during 10 years .

3)      Member of academic advisory  and equivalent of courses committee during more than 12 years until now .

4)      Member in the Analysis committee since the beginning my job until now.